New Ace Combat 6 Trailer Swoops In

Take a look at the awesome new trailer of Namco Bandai's Ace Combat 6. The game is speculated to be an Xbox 360 timed exclusive, which will include the usual mission modes plus some neat multiplayer online action.

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DirtyRat4738d ago

...if it showed us some actual gameplay

nanometric4738d ago

Well, part of that trailer is in-game and my god it looks fcuking awsome(and I too am not religious)

_insane_cobra4738d ago

Actually, I'm pretty sure all of that was in-game.

Close_Second4738d ago

...this game features a rock steady (and I don't mean a max) frame rate then I am definately getting it. Have always loved this franchise.

FeralPhoenix4738d ago

So is there any release date on this one yet?

G_CodeMonkey4738d ago

Hopefully it will be a flightstick with separate throttle, and well-made at that. Too much gaming goodness! gCM

PumPum4738d ago

I love the Ace Combat series but i hope they dont f*** it up when putting it on a another platfor or going multiplat.
And i rather play it on my future ps3 than my current 360 b/c Ace combat has always been on PS.

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The story is too old to be commented.