U.S. Release Date Revision (06.11.07)

IGN has updated projected PS3 releases again... Killzone and MGS4 out of TBA territory?

Heavenly Sword: Sept 4, 2007
Warhawk: Sept 4, 2007
The Orange Box: October, 2007
RCF: Tools of Destruction: October, 2007
Eight Days: Dec, 2007
Burnout Paradise: Jan, 2008
Unreal Tournament 3: Jan, 2008
Killzone 2: Feb, 2008
MGS4: March, 2008

Lots of others..hit the jump

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InMyOpinion4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Also, according to IGN both Overlord (360) and Two worlds will be released on June, 26. According to them Dirt (360) was out two days ago. It's a highly doubtful source.

Babylonian4740d ago

But the release dates are just fish in the water, they can always change.

Rybnik4740d ago

It is Projected...However, february matches some other sources...we'll see. I think its interesting that IGN finally changed the date from TBA!

Fart_Bubbles4740d ago

fanboys with a website, nothing more

4740d ago Replies(2)
_insane_cobra4740d ago

The PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 is coming out January 2008 while the PC and the Xbox 360 versions still retain their September 2007 release dates? So I guess the rumors were true?

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The story is too old to be commented.