Blu Ray Battle Set To Get Intense Sony Roll Out New Gear

The battle of the Blu-ray giants is set to kick in with Sony today rolling out a high end $1,300 dollar 24 frames per second Blu-ray player which will go head to head with the recently announced Pioneer player. However Sony has refused to put a price on a second Blu-ray player that they announced.

Instead Sony is set to wait to see what their competitors will do in the bottom end of the market. However Sony MD Carl Rose did tell SHN that he is prepared to go "low on price" if needed to grab market share. That low price could well be sub $499 Rose admits.

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sak5004802d ago

WTF has this to do with gaming?

Phantom_Lee4802d ago

its just another blue ray and HDDVD story.....that we get alot lately..

Close_Second4802d ago

...categorised in the Tech section. Many gamers find this sort of tech news interesting - unfortunately the format debate is getting too much coverage at present.

I for one say fcuk movie formats for a while and bring on the big gaming news!!!!

Babylonian4802d ago

On Toshiba. Blu-ray is in the lead, it will be interesting to see how both formats will stand when near the end of this year when it's Christmas (Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands and Belgium).

devi8i4802d ago

I was under the impression that 1080p spec was 60 frames per second? Am I wrong? If I am not then why is Sony bringing out a high end 24fps player? Someone please help me out because I am not a video expert

drtysouf214802d ago

hollywood movies are filmed at 24fps so when you have a player and a tv that does 24fps your watching it as the producer intended and at its best.

IQUITN4G4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

High end 24fps so what do they currently do then.24 is what is the norm for broadcast and DVD isn't it?If current HD players are lower,then that's not massively impressive surely.