Satura Iwata Confirms Zelda Wii to Come This Year

Zelda Wii will be making a release before the end of this year, according to Nintendo President Satura Iwata. (it doesn't get any higher up on the totem pole then that). This is according to an interview he did yesterday with Ashi Shimbun. The actual news was broken to us English speaking folks via Andriasang. We will work on a full translation today, so look for that later today or sometime tomorrow. Still, the biggest news has been translated for us: Zelda Wii is coming this year.

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conjurdevil4897d ago

to all zelda fans! I cant wait to see what its going to be like new gameplay n as always awesome story n soundtrack.I need to get my Wii fixed asap now.

Oldsnake0074897d ago

GOTY 2010

quick question: Can the WII play Gamecube games. Also WII isnt a HD console so, does the image looks worse on Hdtvs than SDtvs ?

Any problem when i connect my 'WII with my HD tv ?

Redempteur4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

WIi can play gamecube games ..
As long as you have the yuv cable , you can play wii games in 480p.
But be carefull many gamecube games will NOT support that résolution ... so the answer depends but in most cases be NO

Trevorthenerd4897d ago

If you have a hd tv you can buy the wiis component cables.
It makes the image sharper.

eagle214897d ago

great news, Zelda and Last Guardian are now my most anticipated!

eagle214897d ago

and God of War 3 plus Mario Galaxy 2..... list goes on....

snaredrums4897d ago

Brush that dust off your wii, 2010 is gonna be a good year to own a wii!

No More Heroes 2
Red Steel 2
The Grinder
Metroid: Other M
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Gladiator AD
GoldenEye 2 (wii exclusive)
Super Meat Boy
Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

and now Zelda, best year to own a wii yet!
And those are all exclusives!

akashifire4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Yeah, great list. I bet there'll also be a lot of surprises as the year progresses.

ScubaSteve14897d ago

since when was golden-eye 2 announced and when was it a wii exclusive last time i recalled it was still a rumor

EvilTwin4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Looking at the games on Wii for 2010...even first party stuff alone...I think Nintendo just pwned Matt Cassamania at IGN for his "Nintendo is lazy" article.

No, Matt...firing your three biggest guns in the same year isn't lazy.

And we still don't know what the heck Retro is working on, or the status of Pikmin 3.

EDIT: I'm with Scuba on Goldeneye. We've gotten rumors and little else.

Fragger2k84897d ago

Hopefully it will be better than Twilight Princess. It was pretty fun, but I wasn't impressed by it at all.

I can see them messing this one up though, 99% of Wii games are aimed at little kids, so I'm sure this will be too.

Fragger2k84897d ago

Just a rough estimate, but I'm sure it's around there somewhere. =P

Jamescagney4897d ago

The wii's got so many exclusives coming out this year, I'm sure adults will be able to enjoy them as well :)

Fragger2k84896d ago

Yea, I agree with you there. I'm not saying adults can't enjoy games on Wii, I do, but that doesn't hide the fact that almost every single one of them is aimed at little kids.

And all those disagrees, really? So most of the Wii's games aren't aimed at those who are younger, huh?

akashifire4896d ago

So let me get this straight... You would say that games like MadWorld and No More Heroes are geared towards kids? lol.

Oh, don't forget Sexy Poker on WiiWare. ;p

Fragger2k84896d ago

Those games are among the few exceptions. I did say that MOST games on the Wii are aimed at kids though, and that's just a fact. I'm not against the Wii if that's how I'm making it seem, I like the system and own one myself, I just hate that most games for it are complete garbage.

I'd really love to see the next Zelda game to actually be a challenge and a bit dark in a way. It doesn't need blood or anything like that, but it just needs to feel a lot less fairytaleish, if you know what I mean. Probably the most important thing that it needs though is 1:1 motion controls for sword combat.

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Trebius4897d ago

*stands up*
*walks over to his wii*
*blows dust off*
*checks if it still powers on*
*checks if it still runs games*

*faint smile crosses his face*

*powers off wii*

*continues to wait patiently for a game worth purchasing*

*stops this dumb comment*

*goes to PS3 web browser*

*goes to youpor---*

*erm...powers off laptop*

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