PS3: Hits & Misses

Getting on Sony's case seems to be the thing to do these days: even the Church of England is getting in on the action. This article, however, isn't really about that.

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Diselage4737d ago

That ad campaign was creepy as well, i was seriously disturbed the first time i saw the baby commercial while i was drinking at a sports bar.

The BS Police4737d ago

I see it alot while I am on my break at work.

drtysouf214737d ago

i thought it was unique! This was a decent read though. PS3 will get better and better.

Bloodmask4737d ago

with the PS3 is price. Most people just aren't willing to pay $600 dollars for a "games" console, no matter what they market it as.

Diselage4737d ago

Pretty much, let it drop to 500 and i'm sure they'll move quite a bit more and once it reaches 400 it will move like hot cakes.

Phantom_Lee4737d ago

the first time I saw it, I was like ....What the hell was that....

VaeVictus4737d ago

I actually liked their commercials.

gano4737d ago

You get what u pay for. Americans can afford 200 dollar gym shoes once a week or that you'll buy over later and that's easy clothing
depending on the shoe (jordan for ex.) once a month. It's the haters that protest the price. That's y those who wanted it got it, and those
who don't still got enough ps2 games to play/and still coming out with
more can save or whatever till they get one. It's more microsoft/american
hate more then anything. Microsoft never got this much attetion at release. Then it's 7 months later! and the only thing people can say
about the system or ever talk about is the games that everbody in they moma know u have to wait for.Remeber 7 month release dosen't mean 25 monster hit release and they make it a bad system. The haters downplay it to the point where they look at it like well damn the system isn't worth it without the games but there are enough games on it's last system rockin enough o keep u occupied til the others for what u do like arrive. Both are good systems but how much info about the same two systems both in bad press do u need to hear for the day. They got they own style, like xbox, like nintendo. For once the gen as oppose
to tryin to get rid of a system this time let's try to keep all three.
I feel like being greedy. Hence if u don't like it, don't buy it.
Can another man convince u he can u more then a women?

WIIIS14737d ago

Its hard to make out what it is you really are saying, but you seem to be of the view that sh!tloads of hating is why the PS3 is not selling? Dang that explains it all.

trane074737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

But I would find it hard in your case though. as if your name "bs3" doesnt contribute enough as to why. Your recent comments make plentiful contributions as well.

MS all teh way buddy! Woot woot!!

WIIIS14737d ago

Trane, its obvious that you and gano graduated from the same Sony kindergarten, so maybe you could contribute a little yourself and tell us how hating is the reason for the abysmal PS3 sales? And help decipher this sentence while you're at it too - "Can another man convince u he can u more then a women?". Thanks.

nanometric4737d ago

It's quite simple realy. People believe what they hear and if all fanboys are screaming PS3 sux and posting some garbage news, everyone picks it up and thinks-"I have no idea, but I believe 'em" And after all this negativism the media picks it up too and spreads it even further. Ofcourse there is some part of truth there, but it's very overblown.

Ofourse part of that also could be M$ doing, same as Sony geting PS3 hyped up, just they do it against them.

WIIIS14737d ago

Can't say I agree with that theory, nano. PS had a big big brand advantage and following entering nextgen, and there couldn't have been more "haters" than "lovers" spreading the word. It'll take one helluva one-sided smear campaign to have even a marginal impact on Sony's brandname, and we didn't see that happening. I'd wager that nobody mainstream even paid heed to the mantra "PS3 sucks". But what everybody did know for a fact was the hefty price tag and delay in launch, and now the lack of games. And to me, that's how Sony's hurting. Plus it sucks lol!

nanometric4737d ago

But I think that it's not the 600$ price tag tha u can't afford one, but rather the need to complain. As gano already stated in his first few sentences that I understood. If you can spend 200$ for shoes or pay thouse extra 150$ for the HD-DVD drive for 360 or buying even a 3k+ PC, there is no problem in spendin 600$ for a PS3. Those who want it will buy, thouse who don't will want to compalin about the price. Althou I do a agree to some point with you about games. But as I said, it has part of truth, but the big problem that it just realy overblown by the media. And as we know media is the fourth power.

trane074737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Its dumb to see how far people would go to spout hate for a console. Some would even go as far as symbolizing it in their name and flocking in the ps3 area just to troll. Its amazing and its dumb really. And for me to call out your dumb ass makes me a sony boy when I dont even have a ps3? Funny. Truely it is. You trying to call out a game system thats only been out for 7 months and is experiencing the SAME game drought almost every game system has is dumb. grow up. We dont need another "mart"

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