Call of Juarez: A Must Buy for any Western Fan

If your tired of curb stomping enemies and you need something to do now that the Halo 3 beta has closed, consider Call of Juarez. While not a purchase for everyone, it's still a solid if not groundbreaking game with just enough fresh ideas to make the game fun to play.

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Diselage4144d ago

May have to rent this after all.

Captain Tuttle4144d ago

The game pauses to save every 30 seconds or 30 feet it seems. I' MAY rent it out of curiosity. It's really short too...7-8 hours of gameplay.

socomnick4144d ago

try it you may end up likening it I found it pretty good Beat it already so im trading it in for what ever new game im interested in.

Excalibur4144d ago

Been playing it a bit and what I've play so far if a bit different and fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.