Ravers Tripping On Xbox 360?

When it comes to Xbox 360, we thought we had heard it all, but how very wrong we were. Apparently there are people tripping on a drug named after our favorite next-gen console.

And not in the "No price cut for 360? You trippin'!" sort of way either. Kotaku unearthed a message board in which the following message was posted:

"Any1 no anything bout the xbox 360 pills? dropped 5 at the party near northampton at the weekend and was buzzin off my t*ts like normal then started trippin. wasnt till the nxt day i heard they were cut wit LSD?"

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shotty6166d ago

Microsofts jumping in to the pharmaceutical area.

Mikey_Gee6165d ago

YOu could stick a hit in a turd of crap and they would eat it just to get the buzz.