Microsoft Discusses Xbox 360 HD-DVD Support

The most recent podcast recorded by Microsoft's Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb has dealt with Microsoft's decision to support the HD-DVD next-gen disc format, for which an Xbox 360 add-on drive is due out soon, ahead of Sony's Blu-Ray.

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bernie5787d ago

I've just listened to it and its well worth the download, also the new official site for the brand new Hi-Def HD DVD format is up now (as part of their new $150 million campaign)

take a look: http://www.thelookandsoundo...


omansteveo5787d ago

Yeah that podcast was really good really put things into perspective, i really want a HD-DVD drive now, the special features sound amazing. miles ahead of blu-ray

mikeeno75787d ago

Microsoft may not be number 1 yet, but hell are they a smarter company...