Rockstar's L.A. Noire listed for PS3 only in T2 report

Those interested in gunning down finely-dressed gentlemen in dark, 1940's Los Angeles alleyways need to plan their future investments wisely. Between the cost of building a time machine and that of acquiring a PlayStation 3, we'd advise you to go with the latter -- it's considerably cheaper and won't run the risk of demolishing our current timeline. A recent Take-Two investor report confirms what many have suspected since Rockstar's L.A. Noire was first revealed, listing the game as a PS3 exclusive -- at least as far as the 2008 fiscal year is concerned.

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Satanas4802d ago

I don't really see why an article was made of this, seeing as it was announced as such a while ago, before that report.

BitbyDeath4802d ago

yeah, i agree.

This is old news

TruthHurts4802d ago

i`m hype to see how this ends up, from how it sounds its a welcome change to the sandbox genre.

off topic: whatever happened to the "Rockstar Old West Ps3 Project" i haven`t heard anything about that in a while.

Rybnik4802d ago

You mean Red Dead Revolver 2? Yeah, don't now, IGN still says 2007..

Lord Anubis4802d ago

Eh, haven't really read anything about the game so I'll reserve my judgment on the game.

Xi4802d ago

360 only, my guess both are timed exclusives.

LeonSKennedy4Life4802d ago

You know about GTA5??? I heard it wasn't coming out until at least 2010!!!

Just messin' with ya dude...yeah GTA4 episodic content, it's listed as 360 only. I'm just wondering if the PS3 version already has that content in it, because of the Blu-ray disc. We'll find out though...either way, it'll be a great game.

Diselage4802d ago

I would agree with the timed exclusives, really doesn't make sense to have content laying around and not port it over to one side or the other when it's cheap in comparison to potential profit.

Kleptic4802d ago

this is the first I have even heard of this game...

I was always thinking a GTA based in chicago during the prohibtion, with capone and rum runners, would be really cool...this seems close enough...

and yeah, at one point there were reports of both the ps3 and 360 getting their own exlusive content for download...but for now, only the 360's is official...this GTA is going to have to be drastically different than the first thre GTA IIIs for me to even be interested was awesome in 2001...its going to need more than a more realistic city to make me want it again...Vice City and San Andreas just seemed to similar to GTA III for me to even finish playing them...but the LA Noire thing, that is a welcome change...

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The story is too old to be commented.