Hour Of Victory Preview

Hour Of Victory is a World War II based game. The demo doesn't show too much though. The graphics are at a mild range. One thing the game brings is being able to run in Single Player and you can be 3 positions.

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Mikey_Gee4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

I really was not much at all for the Demo on XBL. I found it very ... how should I put it .... clunky and felt very much like I was playing a knock off. However, I am not one to pass judgment on what I seen in a DEMO ... I will wait till the final is on shelves and rent it to see if it will join my collection of games.

I also think with Brother In Arms and Medal of Honour also in the WW2 mix, this game (even if good) may end up in the back seat.

As much as I love the WW2 games, I do think it is time to more on to the Modern combat stuff. BUT... I would still love to see a WELL DONE histrical reproduction FPS game based around the Vietnam Conflict.

Diselage4736d ago

Out of all the demo's i think this was the least impressive.

Hey Developers if you want to put out a demo before your game comes out make it work decent or people may not buy your game as MUCH!

Lyberator4736d ago

Yeh the demo was pretty bad.

DirtyRat4736d ago

I'll be buying BiA:HH instead of this...and maybe MOH:Airborne too but for my PC