Forza 2 Huge Bug - Lose Your Car When Auction Fails

There is apparently a huge Forza 2 bug that some of our readers have discovered. Gamers are taking the steps to put cars on auction via Xbox Live. Unfortunately, if the auction fails to create, you will lose your car, with no way to get it back! This is not an isolated event, either. More and more people are coming forward claiming this happened to them.

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SDS Overfiend4736d ago

I Pulled my rides out of auctions plenty of times and i lost Money not the car. I have yet to have this problem.

gogators4736d ago

about 15 mintues later either the cars is back in your garage or on the auction block. I have had several fail and the car has ended up either back in my garage or on the block. Just like everyone else.

bumnut4736d ago

i have not experienced this either

Firewire4736d ago

how come almost every game that comes out on the 360 has bugs!
god MS can't do anything right.

devi8i4736d ago

Please, refrain from comments like this. It really isn't neccessary and it is not verified yet.

nobizlikesnowbiz4736d ago

You got a disagree for your comment. That is pathetic. I feel sorry for Sony fanboys who scour the internet looking for rumors of the 360's shortcomings.

I feel sorry for you guys!

cuco334736d ago

kind of like when u gift a car sometimes it takes seconds, other times it takes a day or two

everyone i know who 'lost' a car got it back. but even if u lost it, what did u really lose? time? if u were smart you'ld save the paint scheme and all u need is to rebuy the car and slap it back on

firewire, seriously bro... ms can do things right and do things wrong, liekwise sony can do right and wrong... developers for both are the ones who code things..

why are fanboys so freakin retarded?

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