WiiConnect24 Online Service Details, New Content Daily

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata spoke with TechOn, a Japanese publication, about the WiiConnect24 online service for Nintendo's new console.

First of all, the service will be connected as long as the console is powered on, this way, Nintendo can send monthly demos and the like straight to the user's consoles. Iwata says that this could happen as often as every night. Users could then use the Wii to put demos onto their DS units

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kingboy6206d ago

Does the wii get a storage device for demos?that thng is really small

Arsenic136206d ago

i thought of that 2 , were is the storage device? How big? internal?,external?

shotty6205d ago

It goes on an internal 512MB flash memory. If you want I think you can buy an SD card and plug it in but I'm not sure if you can save demos to that. But the wii demos should be wii in size since they are not coded in HD and I'm not sure if it has 5.1 surround sound