Nyko's New Black Intercooler for Xbox 360 Elite

Nyko Technologies today announced that they have shipped new versions of the Intercooler EX and Charge Station specifically designed for the Xbox 360 Elite.

Nyko's Intercooler EX, the latest version of the company's incredibly popular cooling system for the Xbox 360, improves upon the original by adding a variety of new, user demanded features, including support for the wireless adapter. In addition to providing a superior cooling solution that improves air circulation away from the Xbox 360, the Intercooler EX also features a new locking mechanism that ensures an easy, secure installation. To match the Xbox 360 Elite's color scheme, the Intercooler EX comes in a black matte finish. The Intercooler EX is now available at select retailers and Nyko's online store for $19.99. A white version of the Intercooler EX is also available that matches the original Xbox 360 color scheme.

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Diselage4740d ago

So they can cause 360 elite to over heat now while matching in color?

Systematrix4740d ago

I had one on my Premium 360. It didn't cause overheating, but I think something went bad in it, it wasn't transferring the power from the power cable to the 360 properly or something. I started getting intermittent red lights. They got worse until I removed the Intercooler. Haven't seen the red lights again since (knock on wood).

Rhezin4740d ago

yup same here dude, damn intercoola. NOW IN BLACK! YES

Morbius4204740d ago

Melted into my 360 the day before the Halo3 beta launched. I had to buy a new 360 because of it. I've been thinking about putting a water cooler in my new one.

Mikey_Gee4740d ago

Made my 360 sound like a jet and scortched my mahine on the back. Good thing the scortch marks came off .... that machine pretty much crapped the bed after the fact. Never used the cooler again on replacment and have had no issues.

rosko4864740d ago

From what I understand, these Nyko coolers actually void your warranty.

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The story is too old to be commented.