Don't Call It a Comeback

The Wii may have momentum Nintendo hasn't seen for a decade, but one fan has always felt like a winner.

Before the emergence of the "new" Nintendo, things were quite different in the world of gaming. Sure, the Game Boy had a stranglehold on the handheld market, fighting off all manner of competition, even many technically superior rivals. In the console market, Nintendo had been struggling.

The Nintendo 64 and Gamecube were both profitable for the company, but they lacked the mass market success that had made Nintendo a household name. Nintendo stayed true to their philosophy of making great and innovative games throughout those console generations, but they made some mistakes when it came to handling their image.

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Odion4739d ago

putting an old tech and using the same IP's for 20 years is not innovative or worthy of winning

tonsoffun4739d ago

yeah, but I am sure properly implementing 3d graphics in a platformer and revoulutionising console control schemes doesn't matter either though?


Odion4739d ago

i was talking directly about the motion control its old tech, and they have yet to use it to any mind bending degree. What do we have so far? Oh ya mini games, and gimmick uses like in Zelda and Paper Mario.

ITR4739d ago

Compared to what??

I hope your not going to say Motorstorm..

tonsoffun4738d ago

At no point I said Ninty was perfect - every company has their mistakes like any other.

Diselage4739d ago

I'll call it a come back if want. Nintendo hasn't ruled the market like this in over a decade, it's a come back.

THAMMER14739d ago

But that MOFO is 2 fun with a group of people. That what they are selling is fun not hype or graphics just fun. Most of the people who are buying the Wii really have no clue about what is going on in modern video games and could care less. Bottom line the Wii is cheap, and fun as [email protected]

Nintendo has the strongest brand loyalty to go along with the Mickey Mouse of video games Mario.

M_Prime4739d ago

nowhere in that article does it say its NOT A COMEBACK, from reading it its pretty much says.. COMEBACK.. especially how it compares it to ROCKY MOVIES..

the nice thing about NINTENDO is they only do VIDEO GAMES and nothing more so they are a lot more focused in my books.. and even if they don't do well they are always profitable.. which is amazing.. considering SONY AND MS isn't..

though can't say much for VIRTUAL BOY

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