Critical Gamer: Resonance of Fate: Tri Ace Interview

Critical Gamer Writes: Resonance of Fate – AKA End of Eternity (which is a better name, grumble grumble) – is creeping closer to its English – language release. In order to get to Tri Ace to ask them some questions, we had to fight our way through several dozen random battles on the way to Japan…

But keeping to the Matrix – style gun battles, we looked cool doing it.

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Pidgeridoo3922d ago

I am sooo excited about this game! Brilliant interview!

scruffy_bear3922d ago

I just can't wait for Resonance of Fate to be released as the demo was awesome

mjolliffe3922d ago

Nice interview, I'm sure I'll love the game!

Jockie3922d ago

I'm a little worried about the tagline they used to describe the storyline in the interview - "Those who believe shall be saved" I hope it doesn't mean the games plot is preachy religious fare.

scruffy_bear3922d ago

I do think thats what we get a very preachy religious fare

GameGambits3922d ago

I love games that give a great spin on religious myth. I think that's why I'm such a fan of Assassin's Creeds story, because it takes such a dump on catholic religion.(I'm catholic...well I was born one... let's just leave it at that lol)

I'm REALLY excited for this game. After putting in 120 hours into FF13 I'm already ready for my next RPG fixes. Mass Effect 2 on the 26th, and White Knight Chronicles on Feb 2nd to hit up before this releases in March. :D

kewlkat0073922d ago

they are OK. I tried this DEMO on the PS3 and the battle seemed different then the other titles. we'll see, I haven't been a big fan of their games really.

scruffy_bear3922d ago

I'm a huge Tri-Ace fan so I'm really looking forward to Resonance of Fate and Star Ocean 4

Cubes3922d ago

About time we got a decent Japanese RPG! Looking forward to it.

Jim Crikey3921d ago

I was really excited about this - till they confirmed random battles...

DemonStration3921d ago

Ew. Okay seriously, random battles need to go the way of the lens flare.