Blu-ray Fumbles Chance In HDTV DVD War

With several million PlayStation 3 consoles sold, one would think that Blu-Ray would be on the road to defeating HD DVD by now, but this is far from reality.
With its back against the wall, Toshiba threw a Hail Mary pass by selling (HD DVD players) at or below cost with drastic price reductions that make HD DVD attractive to mass consumers. This is working well. Who would have guessed that affordable pricing means more people will buy HD?

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VirtualGamer4738d ago

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Hey I think I will become a HD Observer and then write a article and it will get posted here! Mine will be about how I think Blu-Ray will win the war and have just as much credibility. :)

sadiq4738d ago

lol ur right, i think im going to report this article some random guy who wrote it

Husso4738d ago


95% of Japan market.
+80% of Europe after PS3 release.
70% of USA market.

the fool needs to look at some numbers, damn internet gives every fool a chance to spread their ignorance.

calderra4738d ago

Aren't those numbers only the ratio of players owned (including PS3), not disc sales, and not "number of purchasers of next-gen disc capable units who are actually BUYING movies"?

MK_Red4738d ago

Low price of Wii is killing 360 and PS3. Could a low price for HDDVD, kill Blu-ray?

ApocalypseShadow4738d ago

toshiba:"we are in deep SH!T!"

if you have to heavily discount your product to stay alive,that's just the writing on the wall.if sony releases a player at $499,other companies to compete with bluray players are going to try to undercut sony with lesser priced bluray players.

hd-dvd supporters had better hope the rumor is true that walmart is going to sell $199 hd-dvd players.because the lack of space,lack of support and lack of interest aren't helping.

i guess i can't fault them for trying though.

MK_Red4738d ago

There is a great interest in HD DVD from movie critics and some british publishers.
I hope the fate of this battle is settled soon or it will be us, the consumers that will suffer the most. (Remember those who bought lots of Beta Max film tapes?)

Counter_ACT4738d ago

The actual Blu Ray movies arent much more expensive than an HD DVD movie, and considering a million people now have PS3s in europe the amount of people who own HD DVD players cant be much more.

Seraphim4738d ago

it seems Blu Ray titles are cheaper than HD DVD at At least any that are available on both formats. Also, in general I think Blu Ray is a few dollars cheaper than HD... Funny thing is that through Blu Ray movies cost only a few dollars more than new releases on dvd. Even Casino Royale at release was only $23.95 while the dvd was like $19-20... But this is a general statement and what I noticed a few weeks ago while browsing selections of both...

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The story is too old to be commented.