Photograph of the Limited Edition Finalized Big Daddy Figurine

The Big Daddy figurine has been finalized! Standing 6 inches tall, he looms over a desk, guarding against plastic World of Warcraft orc that is trying to claim territory. Made of resin and hand painted, he is a work of art.

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Rhezin4738d ago

I can't believe people acually voted for a figurine over DL content. What are we 8 yr olds? Sure it looks cool, but I mean come on what the F!ck am I suppose to do with a figurine.

Diselage4738d ago

Figurine over download content? What are you talking about.

Rhezin4738d ago

There was a vote on the Bioshock website whether people wanting a figurine, uhh making of Bioshock, artwork that sorta stuff, and there was also an option for downloadable content,(which I voted for) which could possibly feature new levels or weapons/plasmids, but nooo the majority of people picked a Big Daddy figurine. Guess most of the people who voted were under ten.

PS360WII4737d ago

either that or the votes was just a ruse and they had the figurine already made in bulk..?

Anyway I'm still waiting for a life size version ^.-

Charlie26884737d ago

is it just me or this looks like a bling bling version of the Big Daddy?