Xbox 360 Price Cut: For Real This Time?

Rumors have been flying for several weeks now about a possible price cut for the Xbox 360. First it was a rumor, then Microsoft denied it, and now someone inside the company is claiming that the denial was a ruse. Apparently a source for The Gaming Life is claiming that there really is a plan for a price drop in the core system from $299 to $199.

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Rhezin4739d ago

I thought they cut the core systems, jeezus.

MK_Red4739d ago

Wow, if thats true, then a core 360 will be cheaper than Wii!!

To Rhezin:
No they did not cut core system. It was Sony that mostly killed 20Gb model.

Dreamworker4739d ago

they will announce a price cut in july

MK_Red4739d ago

Good guess. During E3 is also another possiblity. Hope the prices for all console get cut soon.

snoop_dizzle4739d ago

remember the core PS3 did badly, and the core 360 didn't really sell that well compared to the premium.

I still remember the core 360 in stock all the time but the premium being sold out during the first few months of the 360 launch.

What will probably happen is they get rid of the core and drop the premium 150 and drop the elite by 100.

Maybe even more.

Thugbot1874739d ago

I don’t believe Microsoft will get rid of the core anytime soon. The reason why Sony got rid of their core was that it was more expensive to produce, and they didn’t sale well. Farther more Sony wasn’t going to put out a core system until they seen Microsoft had done this, and thought it could help them compete but that plan back fired quickly. On the other hand Microsoft’s core is actually cheaper to produce and it can be upgraded.

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The story is too old to be commented.