Who Said PS3 Exclusives Don't Sell? That's A Lie

There's this big misconception out in the wild that games made exclusively for the PS3 don't sell. That's a sad lie and we have seven pieces of evidence to prove it:

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gears224224d ago

..Killzone 2 with more than 1.8 million users online

DAVID BRENT4224d ago

it actually shows how untruthful it is, first it was 'no games' 'too expensive' 'multiplats are 99% better on 360' 'graphically equal' but as time has gone on and each one of those 'statements' have been nullified we are now down to the bare bones for 360 fanboys which is where the nonfactual comments come in which is quite sad and shows how immature certain gamers and media sites can be

Mr Bot4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

so lets put it together

ps3 have

1: hardware sales
2: better software ratio attachment rate(more percentage of the user base of ps3 buy games than 360 and thats a fact)
3: better and higher quality games
4: quantity quality games
5: cheaper
6: free online
7: multiplatofrm games 60% perform better than 360
8: much better graphics
9: and even better software sales, because there is more option and ps3 user base are not all fanboys(like some others) so when an exclusive released they dont all jump on it!! ps3 owners have more options than 360 owners! beside, only shooting games sells very well on the 360 since most 360 owners are die hardcore shooting fans!!

and ps3 is set to dominate like at least ps1 did!!

kaveti66164224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )


Such a slow month, that people have to approve crap like this instead of interesting news.

For the past few months, the most popular articles on this site have been lame attempts by immature twerps to make themselves feel better about a hunk of plastic they purchased years ago. I used to hate those guys who bought consoles on launch day and smashed them to bits with sledgehammers in front of anxious lines of customers. But now... I see their point.

Cyrax_874224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I remember NPD for Nov 2008, LBP sold 200,000 copies for the month and was immediately labelled a flop. Now the game's nearly sold 3 million copies though =)

Trebius4224d ago

youre exactly right.

PS3 games have legs.

People have so many choices that they have to purchase games way after their release date just so they have time to finish recently purchased games.

I make the mistake of buying them as they come out -_-

I have 20+ games and it's so hard to finish a game knowing I have other games sitting there waiting to be i end up doing an endless rotation haha...

but yeah...PS3 games are abundant.

360 has no games!


Guido4224d ago

The media expects AAA titles to hit 8 million or more sold before they call them successful. In the end, the truth of it all is that even AAA titles that sell over 1 million are truly successful and should be given credit for their success.

sikbeta4224d ago

The only important thing is that PS3 Games are Quality games, have legs and sell well, doesn't matter how much the every year shooter sell on the first day

SilentNegotiator4224d ago

If they believe no one else is enjoying it, it makes them feel better that they aren't either.

Sez 4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

the funny thing about this article is that every game they are using was bundled with the ps3. not saying ps3 games don't sell. but they don't sell as well as they should.

@ disagreer

what game on there hasn't been bundled?

mint royale4224d ago


Its true most of those sales are bloated because of bundles but the same goes for 360 and wii games.

I will copy and paste my post from below.

Ignore11.2 -
Games that reached 10 million on the wii: (6)
Wii Sports
Wii Play (25 million!)
Wii Fit (23 million!)
Mario Kart (20 million! - Best selling racing game of all time)
Wii Sports Resort
Super Smash bros wii

Games that reached 5 million on the wii: (6)
Super Mario Galaxy (8.5 million)
New Super Mario Bros (8 million)
Mario and Sonic at the olympic games
Wii fit plus
Mario part 8
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Games that reached 3 million on the wii: (8)
GH III (4.5 million)
Links Crossbow training
Animal Crossing
Carnival games
GH World Tour
Big Brain Academy
Lego Star Wars
Kung Fu Panda

Games that reached 10 million on the 360: (1)
Halo 3

Games that reached 5 million on the 360: (6)
Gears of war
Gears of War 2

Games that reached 3 million on the 360: (6)
Assassins Creed (4.7 million)
Halo 3 ODST (4.5 million)
FOrza 2 (4 million)
Indiana Jones
Fable II

Games that reached 10 million on the ps3: (0)

Games that reached 5 million on the ps3: (3)

Games that reached 3 million on the ps3: (6)
MGS 4 (4.5 million)
Assassins Creed

Arguing over whether the ps3 or 360 selles games more is really irrelevent compared to the wii. But if you must then the ps3 doesn't have the huge selling games of its competitors but it can easily compete with the relatively lower big selling games. The wii however is king no matter how you spin it.

DaTruth4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

PS3 has more games to buy! Simple as that! With 360 you have to wait till November to buy games, at which point there are only 3 and what are you going to do, not buy games? It is practically a feeding frenzy! I really can't buy all the games I am interested in on PS3; There are just too many.

Console A has 30mil users and 2 exclusive games a year!

Console B has 25mil users and 7 exclusive titles a year!

It is like 360 owners like/are proud of having only 2 exclusive titles a year. This is particularly strange given the low quality of multiplatform games this gen!

Christopher4224d ago

PS3 exclusives don't sell as well. No one is saying they don't sell, but there's definitely something to be said when the top 5 exclusive 360 titles have sold better than the top PS3 exclusive.

vhero4224d ago

360 exclusives sell better for a couple of simple reasons the main one being fanboys buying it simply because they are fanboys. You think everybody who bought Halo 3 actually played Halo before? Or really even liked the game? I doubt half Halo players even like Halo. I'm not saying it wouldn't have sold a good few million but in reality them sales were fanboy sales with the hype massively helping it. People here Halo and go nuts not even knowing if its any good. The second reason is bundling MS is the KING at this. with the RROD especially early in the consoles life the arcades were selling like wildfire as replacement consoles not only making the 360 console sales numbers a complete and utter lie but included with them arcades were free copies of any game MS wants to boost sales of to make its console look good including Halo 3. I know somebody with 2 copies of Halo 3 because of this very reason. Of course they all end up in trade bins. You look at the trade section of any shop. the game most featured? Halo and not 3/1 like sales would suggest more like 50/1 compared to any other game.

mint royale4224d ago

You really are biased vhero arent you. SO giving games with a console is bad now? Jesus. Here in the UK the ps3, wii and 360 can all be bought with 4 games coming with the console. Its the retailers that decide what they want to push.

avengers19784223d ago

I buy the PS3 exclusives on a regular basis because they are always awesome games. Infamous, Killzone2, and Uncharted 2 all in 2009 prove my point, and that is just a few games. It's a good time to own a playstation

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ico924223d ago

there are many factors to this one of them is diversity and the diversity of the PS userbase, you look at the 360 whose userbase is made up of frag heads, something like gears ,halo and cod will sell 5 million in a week but its not like that with the ps3 not all ps3 owners are intetersted in games like killzone 2 , resistance 2 or mgs 4, and never bought those games ,but those same people bought uncharted 2, infamous, LBP,valkyriya chronicles the day those games came out .Also ps3 games sell at a very slow rate i mean this leaves the impression on a lot of gaming media to think that those games are a flop, people said that about killzone 2 now look at it just under a year and already its sold over 2 million by the end of this year it will reach 3million promise you i mean is killzone 2 still a flop now that its nearing 3million, same with uncharted 2 it will most likely sell 3-4 million by the end of the year i mean LBP is nearing 3 million already is that game still considerd a flop? Slow sales and diversity thats all it is. Something like FF13 will most likely reach 5 million on the ps3 by the end of the year it will probaly sell better on the ps3 than on the 360, GT5 a huge system seller will probaly sell 10 million by the end of the year and it will do circles on forza 3 i suppose that games gonna be considerd a flop right?

Sez 4223d ago

It's not a bad thing to bundle games. But don't try to use bundled games Like they are selling like hotcake. When they aren't. And it doesn't mean Its convincing to but anything. It could simply mean that retailer have games they can't move. So they are giving them away. Just to get rid of copies of games collecting dust.

I don't know where you get the idea like I haven't playing my 360 in like two years. Excuse me I have to laugh at that one. Sorry little boy. I've been playing 360 everyday. To bad ps3 doesn't have anything interresting. Else I could help with some sells. Since I actually do but games. Uncharted2 I rented. KZ2 I sold after 3 days. Infamious waas worth the buy after I played the demo. Yet I've had more fun with multi-plats and a few 360 exclusive. So what are you talking about.

NewZealander4223d ago

i bought my ps3 solely for the exclusives, i havnt had it long, i got the slim at launch, but ive bought six games so far, all but one are exclusives.

sure they may not sell as well as some 360 exclusive games, but aslong as theres games like uncharted and MGS4 to keep me entertained im happy.

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Godmars2904224d ago

They don't sell at Halo 3/MW2 levels. They don't sell well the first day or week. That's the real issue.

gears224224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

If you want Halo/Mw2 levels, then wait for GT5,because GT is the only Sony franchise that sells on that level.

Just like Halo is the ONLY Microsoft franchise that sells 'on that level'

Sangria4224d ago

I don't want to defend any side, I don't care who's winning or who is losing as long as all sides provide good games to compete each other, but I think Halo 3 flawed our perception of success.

Few games manage to reach the million milestone, 2 millions is even harder. Fight Night Round 4 hardly reached it, Forza 3 as well, Motorstorm Pacific Rift didn't even touch the million, neither did Ninja Gaiden 2, Mass Effect sold a bit more than 2 millions, both Left 4 Dead only sold around 2 millions on 360, etc... So if such games barely pass 2 millions, which games can be considered as successful if we take Halo 3 as a reference?

Assassin's Creed is not successful then, it "only" sold 8 millions, Fallout 3 sold only 4.5 millions on consoles, Bioshock only did 3 millions on console, etc... The only games that can be considered as successful if we take the Halo 3 reference are GTA IV with around 14 millions on consoles, Modern Warfare 1 & 2 with 13 and 14 millions on consoles. So taking Halo 3 as a reference for sales cannot be good. Yes, Halo 3 sales are extraordinary, but they are a world apart to the market.

If we had to talk about success, then Fable 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gears of War are major success, because they sold around 4-5 millions without Halo-like marketing campaign.

RedDragan4224d ago

Sony games tend to sell over a long period of time, unlike Micorosft games that seem to sell fast and then die quick.

I have theory as to why this is but it is just a theory and I don't really have a way to prove it, so it really is upto people here to either agree or disagree.

We already know that the 360 has a younger userbase than the Playstation 3, and that when a new game is released children up to the age of 16 will want that game straightaway. Whether they get this through their allowance or via their parents is up for debate I suppose, but I remember when I was a child I had to have the game as soon as it came out. The thing is, after the initial release the sales will quickly dry up because everybody who wants the game has already bought it.

Whereas on the Playstation 3 with it's older install base, people are more willing to wait to get a game until it has either dropped in price because we don't need to be the first the complete it. We can wait until bills have been paid off, because they will always come before games. Or we will buy the kids their game because they have been asking for it which means we have either wait to get our game or will just play the multiplat on their 360, because the begged for it, no point in us buying it again.

But with the PS3 exclusives, we can wait, and that is why the Sony titles appear to be steadily growing in sales. But I can assure you, they will reach high numbers it will just take a long time to get there, at which point Sony doesn't mind because that is how it has been since PS2 days. Alot of us were students then and had to wait to buy the games.

Sez 4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

"Sony games tend to sell over a long period of time, unlike Micorosft games that seem to sell fast and then die quick"-halo 3 says hi. plus i don't see any of sony exclusive still selling months to years after there release.if you know one name it.

"We already know that the 360 has a younger userbase than the Playstation 3, and that when a new game is released children up to the age of 16 will want that game straightaway"- news flash... theres kids on all systems. so this applys also to ps3. and the fact that the ps3 doesn't come with a mic. doesn't mean annoying kids don't exist.

"Whereas on the Playstation 3 with it's older install base, people are more willing to wait to get a game until it has either dropped in price because we don't need to be the first the complete it"- whatever help you sleep at night there buddy. i guess those older people you are referring to don't play games also. being as sony exclusive aren't selling that great. and the games in this article are bundled games.

the reason why sony games don't sell as people would like for them too. is because sony don't advertise,promote,hype their games. look at the ps2. sold 150 million systems. yet gta,gt are the only games that sold over 10 million copies. i don't know if sony know how to sell these games or just don't care if people will buy them are not.

sonyfanboys claim ME was a sells flop. because it didn't sell halo numbers. yet it wasn't bundled. so by the regards. it did well for a new IP from MS gets behind dev's when i comes to marketing games. at least far better than sony. stop with the excuse that kids is the reason why MS games sell better. the truth is. sony needs to do a better job in moving games.


i completly understood what he was saying. as well as anyone reading it. he's making lame excuses as to why 360 games sell as apose to ps3 games. it's B.S. and you know it. so lets stop with the "kid" arguement and let stop with all the other B.S. ok.

he doesn't have a clue as to what he's talking about. so he's pulling S##t out his @ss as a reason to why.

rezenu4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

You completely missed the point of what reddragan was trying to say and instead turned this into a war.

What's with the hatred of the PS3? Can't both systems coexists without fanpeople terms?

@ edit: That's why it's called a 'theory'? You know, something that has yet to be proven true? He's just stating an opinion as to why PS3 games sell the way they do. He didn't say his comments were true.

That proves you didn't read what he said thoroughly and are just showing immense hatred towards the PS3 for whatever reason.

Let me ask you something-Does a game have to sell five million copies in one day to be a success?

How do you define a game?

I'm just curious about this whole sales talk. I mean, since when did gamers become armchair analysts?

BaSeBaLlKiD7214224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

@ Sangria

FYI: Motorstorm Pacific Rift sold 1 million shortly after a month of release.

One of the most underrated PS3 exclusives and is one of the top 3 games that I played the most this generation.

RedDragan4224d ago


First off, this is the gamer section. What you wrote belongs in the Open Section so take you crap there mate!

Secondly, what I wrote is my opinion and is also most likely to be correct. The PS3 is the console with the older audience, and the Xbox 360 is console with the younger audience.

In no way at all did I disrespect any of the two different audiences, in no way did I try to shout down any of the two different consoles.

If you have a problem with me, you PM me and if we both live in the UK... we'll sort it out.... MATE!

rezenu4224d ago

It seems as if there's plenty of cowards on this site. If you disagreed with me, give a reason why.

I read Reddragan's comment as an opinion.

bacon134224d ago

I don't understand the hatred and banter being spread around regarding which system sells more and has better games and blah blah blah blah. Both the Xbox360 and PS3 have their share of great games and exclusives. I am fortunate enough to own both systems and use each one pretty much equally. If you troll and fart around on forums trying to make the impossible point of which is better you are not a real gamer and need to STFU. I learned my lesson not to engage in such crap talk living through the era of the Sega Genesis and SNES.

mastiffchild4223d ago

Well, redragan-what i think backs up the "older demographic" claim about the PS3 is the way multiplatform games with a long PS history have done better(either by attach rate or in total, all out worldwide sales)on the PS3 than the 360. RE5,TR:U and SF4 all fit that pattern in, I think selling more copies worldwide on the PS3 and you could add both DMC4 and GTA4 as games that sold to a higher percentage of PS3s solfd at the time than to 360 owners at the time(as then the gap was bigger I expect). this suggests to me that a lot of people buyuing Ps3s are older gamers and have a history with these series from PSx and PS2 days, isn't that a fair point?

They're also a fair spread of tjhe genres while the two highest selling 360 games(exclusive wise) and four if you count MW1 and 2 are shooters which I feel is largely the Halo effect which means a whole lot of 360 owners are Halo fans first and also big shooter fans. these two thuings (the older PS3 demo graphic and the shooter crowd on 360) have been way overstated, imo, but there's an effect there and it's undeniably affecting sales as we see them and means the PS3 userbase is a less shooter heavy and slightly older brigade on average and goes a long way to explainuing some of the sales foibles we see-though, undoubtedly, the difference in marketing between sony and MS is an equally large issue and something Sony still need to look at as they just don't support their devs as well as MS do multi plat devs!

Sez 4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

first off 1) i don't have a problem with you. just your "theory" which has so many holes in it. i'm about to make a sandwich and your "theory" reminded me to put swiss cheese on it.

2)your thoery should have some facts to back up your claim. so that it has some truth to it. not something that can be easily discredited. like a link,source,poll,survey,ect. yours has none. i can easily say. well if ps3 has an older audience. they must be casuals or movie buffs. since they don't buy alot of games. how much truth is in that.

you say 360 games start fast but slow down later. while ps3 start slow and sell over a long period of time. again where is your proff of this. it seem more like of your opinion then it does a theory.

example: in my opinion. i think the ps3 has a more mature audience. as they tent to buy more mature games and sony makes more mature games. while 360 games are more aimed at the younger audience. thats an opinion.


"Let me ask you something-Does a game have to sell five million copies in one day to be a success?"- are you asking me for reel. or isthis a trick question. answer- there isn't a game out( past or whatever)that has sold that many copies in a day. and if it does. then my hats off to the dev.

"How do you define a game?"- gameplay,fun factor,replayabillty,value,con trolls. that i look for in a game. not a score,not sales,not graphic. i have played many games. some that may not have had the best graphic. but i still had fun playing it. we all here know that some games get sores they don't deserve. and some games that should have gotten better scores than they did. so that why game rating are BS.

how do you define a game? is it based off graphic? a rating? maybe you only like first party dev's? just asking

iceman064223d ago

The theory makes some sense...although not supported by proper here is a link to a site that reported the Nielsen Media Research findings on the usage demographics of all three systems.

If you don't feel like clicking I'll sum it up with this:

Wii---males aged between six and 11, and females aged between 25 and 34.
360---males aged between 12 and 17, and females aged between 25 and 34.
PS3---Both males and females saw the largest usage amongst the 18 to 24 age range.

I REALLY don't care about sales, as long as my favorite IP's continue to get the support that they need for the next iterations. However, there must be a reason for this "gap" in initial sales between the 2 systems. Why not offer up a theory. According to this data, the Wii and 360 demographic would be more prone to the "impulse" or "initial" buy. Not saying that there aren't several "tweens" that would as well with the PS3. But, that 18-24 age group is more likely to be occupied with life issues (that have an effect on cash flow) and might not be the ones waiting at midnight launches. Just a thought!!!
Either each his own....GAME ON!!!

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ApocalypseShadow4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

the proof is this.......

4.not one of sony's in-house developers closed during the worst recession in years based on game unit sales.

1.not one developer who works for sony has stepped forward and said sony sucks as a publisher.

5.the games sell well enough that exclusive developers are making sequels or new IPs when the previous game didn't sell 10 million or 5 million.'s games are advancing foward with 1080p titles,40/60/256 players,3D gaming,motion control instead of being stagnant. doesn't seem to be bothered.and are allowing great developers like the ICO team make artistic games when sales would be considered to be a flop compared to others.leaving gamers who look forward to visionary masterpieces to salivate thinking about release dates.

6.even when developers leave the company like jaffe,they end up still making games for sony least THOSE THAT MATTER.


Hudahudahuda4224d ago

Moderate sales keep a company pushing harder and harder.

Massive sales give developers a comfort zone.

dredgewalker4224d ago

Very true, and its because the PS3 has so much variety that most games sell low at the start but picks up in sales over time. You can't put a lifespan on great games, even if a year has passed people will still buy it just because its so damn good.

cyclindk4224d ago

I wish we had just fifty or sixty more FPS games though, I don't have enough!

Guerrilla = WIN
Insomniac = WIN

4 WINs = Quad-Win Domination!!!

CrippleH4224d ago

If Massive sales give developers a comfort zone. Then Bungie would never have left.

sikbeta4224d ago

This is the best point:

"Sony doesn't seem to be bothered.and are allowing great developers like the ICO team make artistic games when sales would be considered to be a flop compared to others.leaving gamers who look forward to visionary masterpieces to salivate thinking about release dates"

This is just GREAT, thanks to that Team ICO can make Amazing Games and don't be bothered about the sales and we have a great Variety of games

DaTruth4224d ago

Sony caters to customers who are gamers and play games!

Microsoft has customers who are analysts and play sales!

Sony cares about gamers while Microsoft cares about sales! It is probably clear now that Bungie just wanted to try making another game and taking the time to do it well and MS wasn't having that! MS probably only let them go because they were going to lose all their staff anyway; No creative outlet in a creative career choice!

insomnium4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Comfort zone proven (perhaps even too comfortable).

I agree with everything you said.

iceman064223d ago

Not really...Bungie KNOWS where it's bread is buttered...and so does MS. They have a great partnership that basically gives BUNGIE the freedom to choose if they would like to go multiplat with their new IP's. Thus, the opportunity to make more money. MS keeps the sacred HALO for their coffers and everybody is happy. It's a great example of mutualistic symbiosis in business.

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unrealgamer584224d ago

360 fanboys say so

P.S speaking of fanboys, Where is Bungie (that guys funny)

chidori6664224d ago


ps3 soldiers enjoy not sales but the quality of exclusives of sony ;)

quality>>> sales


robotnik4224d ago

There's a big difference between being a bot and being a droid. A droid is an advanced technology device with feelings, reasoning and love, whereas a bot is a bot, made with scraps and nuts. Therefore, the droids will always have the favor of the people.

Long life to the droids!

chrisulloa4224d ago

You are the two most pathetic individuals I've seen in a while.

robotnik4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Thanks! That's the most beautiful thing a bot has ever said to me!