GameSpot: Bayonetta (360) Review

Bayonetta is hard to get out of your mind even after you've stopped playing it. More than anything else, almost everything about Bayonetta feels just right. Its host of hidden items and secrets, multiple difficulties, competitively balanced scoring system, and charismatic heroine make it a game that will be revisited time and time again. This is one action game that you absolutely must not miss.

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Bungie4229d ago


good way to start 2010

BadboyCivic3604229d ago

hope this game does well,im all for the underdogs here...

DelbertGrady4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

And fanboys deliver disagrees :)

I love this game. Kamiya is a genious and the Sega references are awesome (Outrun music in the car scene for instance).

*edit* Just saw Gamespots PS3 review of Bayonetta. That explains all the disagrees in here.

kingdavid4229d ago

but but but its no gow 3. Come on xbox fanboys dont forget about gow 3. :P.

DelbertGrady4229d ago

I hope the demo isn't an indicator of what the final game will be like cause to be honest I wasn't that impressed. The gameplay felt terribly last gen and the graphics resembled a bad UE3 port. Plastically looking rain effects and lo-res textures on the surroundings. Not much to wait for imo.

kingdavid4229d ago

Was a bit of sarcasm man @ all the ps3 fanboys deflecting bayonetta's poor port because of gow 3. :P

DelbertGrady4229d ago

Dually noted. Just felt like expressing my views on the GoW 3 demo. Was better than Dantes Inferno though.

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Gago4229d ago

picking up this gem tommorow

Homicide4229d ago

LMAO! Apparently, you aren't. PS3 fans are funny.

Rikitatsu4229d ago

You won't be picking up the game!

Empire X4229d ago

Good for the 360. It needs all the good games it can get.

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The story is too old to be commented.