Diehard GameFAN: Castlevania the Adventure: ReBirth Review (Wii)

Castlevania the Adventure: ReBirth is a short but excellent platformer that harks back to the 8 and 16-bit eras of the franchise. The game manages to look stylish and retro at the same time and boasts a remixed soundtrack that is literally a "best of" collection of tracks from previous Castlevania games. The game's stages are actually much harder than the bosses, and also the game is pretty littered with the same clichés the franchise has featured since Simon Belmont first picked up a whip to do battle with the undead, but there are enough variants to keep the game from feeling stale or boring. With only a ten dollar price tag, ReBirth is definitely a must have for any Castlevania fan out there, even though anal purists might take issue with the fact the game has little, if anything, to do with the original Game Boy cart bearing the same name. Still, it's one of the best games on the WiiWare download system to date and is certainly worth the spare cash if you have it lying around.

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