A Hero Among Us

"Throughout the history of gaming, heroes and heroines have stepped to the front of the battles and taken gamers right along with them. From Batman to Lara Croft, characters take down hordes of zombies and battle armies of robots without even breaking a sweat. Male and female gamers are represented by an array of characters to choose from in today's gaming world. Bayonetta is a highly anticipated game bringing a female lead character into the spotlight to kick whatever butt is thrown her way. But as we all know, it wasn't always this way."

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Chadness4226d ago

Female heroes are some of the more interesting characters and better acted characters (Mass Effect).

Grevan4226d ago

He was asking a question!

Ok as for me, my character's name would be Palustus, ruler of swamps (Latin terms). He has the power to raise the undead, and also use magic like skills since he is a modern time wizard. Could be both a villain and a hero, since he has a split personality which his other side is evil.

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