Spawnio Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Spawnio writes: "There are very few special days in the year that I look forward to. The first day of football season, my birthday, punchki day (although since I have moved from the northern parts of the United States to the lovely land of the longhorn, my punchki intake has taken a big hit due to Texans not acknowledging the calorie filled day), and for a third year in a row… Call of Duty release day. November 10th of 2009 marked the release of Modern Warfare 2, not only the most anticipated game of the year but maybe ever. With the success of the first Modern Warfare released back in 2007 hopes were high and Infinity Ward helped build the hype from the moment MW2 was announced. I'm not going to lie to any of you, I was worried. A game coming with this much build up has all the workings of a Joey Harrington or a Michelle Wie and we all know how that turned out. Good news though, the boys over at Infinity Ward for the most part delivered."

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