60 reasons to own a PSP: part 3

Ten reasons down ... only 50 more to go. Here's the next five reasons you should own a PSP, courtesy of TCLCloud:
11. Free downloadable content for games
12. RSS Channel automatically downloads movies, images and audio
13. Remote Play with PS3
14. Location Free Player streams TV to PSP
15. Customizable wallpaper (and XMB icons)

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gaffyh4741d ago

I don't really want to diss the PSP because I have got one, but 11 - very small amount of games have actually given free DLC. 14 almost no one uses this feature. And 15 I'm pretty sure you are not meant to be able to do this on PSP, you can changed background, but changing XMB buttons is only do-able through homebrew (flashing your PSP memory, possibly voiding your warranty).

Correct me if I'm wrong.

soccerstar4741d ago

i have a psp and i really wish i hadnt bought it cuz all it is, is a bunch of ps2 ports and there is no 2nd analog stick and it runes a ton of psp games that could have been pretty fun

Clinton5144741d ago

Because I want to own one.

Don't need anyone to tell me how or when to buy my games. ;)
I'm enjoying my PSP and games.

M_Prime4741d ago

If the PSP was worth buying i'm sure there wouldn't be a list of reasons to get one.. i don't see a list of reasons why i should own a TV, a Phone or a DS..

when u start listing reasons thats when u know ur in trouble.. i know cause i started listning reasons for the GameCube

LeonSKennedy4Life4740d ago

You put the word "reasons" when you were referring to the Gamecube. Are you sure that's supposed to be plural???