EA to continue with Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise

Despite all the latest downfalls surrounding Tiger Woods, Electronic Arts (EA) has been proud to announce that they will continue their relationship with the world's best, most talented and exciting golfer, the company said.

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kingdavid4220d ago

EA no class whatsoever.

They dont use toilet paper, they use dollar notes to wipe their arses. Real classy.

Delta4220d ago

I don't see the problem with there choice.

nix4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

FPS: shoot the Tiger while he's busy humping other girls.

STEALTH: catch Tiger red-handed!

RPG: use money and charm to make women characters fall prey. the more "holes" he scores more balls he'll get to level up.

RACING: cover the longest distance while being chased by his wife. while he's driving he needs to negotiate the obstacles like press, family members etc...

wow.. the options are freaking wide open. q:

kingdavid4220d ago

Fact of the matter is, the guy has behaved badly and his reputation tarnished. He doesnt deserve the incentives he gets and all the sponsors are moving away from him and deservedly so.

Truth is, EA could use noone else in the world of golf to market their game.

Delta4220d ago

All he did was cheat right? (IMO) That's not that bad of an offense. He's only human right?

kingdavid4220d ago

I dunno about your definition of cheating but for me, cheating is a dog act especially if you have a wife and kids. Bare in mind he didnt only cheat once, he cheated many times knowing full well what he was doing.

Delta4220d ago

He still pwns at Golf tho.

House MD4220d ago

You can't just cancel such a huge franchise based on Tiger's public image! Let's face the facts: he IS and most likely WILL BE for a VERY long time one of, if not the best golf player in history; EA would lose A LOT of potential buyers and BENJAMINS ($$); they most likely have a contract with Tiger that is yet to expire and must be honored.

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4220d ago
PS360WII4220d ago

Well it's not like a drove of people would go out and buy PGA Tour 2011 and so on. I'm sure more than half of the current golf fans today only watch golf because of Tiger Woods. I certainly don't agree with his 'indiscresions' and feel he should get some comeuppings but there's no money in golf without him >< and EA along with the PGA know this.