360 HD-DVD player sold for $60

At Xbox 360 Fanboy weve seen our share of great deals, but this one absolutely takes the cake. It seems a Wal-Mart in Metairie, Louisiana has discounted the $199 peripheral by a staggering $139, reducing the price to $60. A shopper has posted photos of both the price in question and a receipt as proof.

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Maddens Raiders4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Because it's trash!lol

Wal-Mart still makes a profit? Brilliant. Gawd give MS credit for reducing that ridiculously overpriced "player" and give the consumers an award, because some people got *PWND, plain and simple. That's it. And you KNOW what I'm talking about. $60.00? is a bargain, but how much are they really worth....30 bucks, 20....15 bucks maybe?

$196.87 ===========> $60.00 Now that's value for your dollar right there. No, that's Sir Bill Gates getting richer by the millisecond on cool little tricks like these and the sad part is - you would never admit to it.


Yep...I'm surprised it took this long Xi. But quite frankly, it's a badge of honor that I'm proud to bare. I'll continue to speak my mind as is my right, and I'll be damned to give into foolishness and pure haters. I only speak from my heart and my mind. So be it.

@Mart...go ahead poke fun, but it's no use. You won't last at three bubbles. They gave you too much rope to hang yourself with already. Be glad. Hell, you hate for the JOY of hating/wtf? a/w I don't need more than one bubble to operate, and I'm sure you've had your "clicks" on my bubble tray a few times along with who knows how many of your other cohorts and haters. o/w all in a days work at N4G yeah? Comes with the territory I suppose.

TheMART4739d ago

Madden, you sound pretty desperate dude

Out of good comments?

Omicronn4739d ago

Great deal if its real!

HiTechH84739d ago

I wish they were $60 here in WV. I grab one in a second just for the upscaled DVDs.

WilliamRLBaker4738d ago

Id pick up one then id have a ps3 and hd dvd, i could start actually buying hi def media instead of not.

Expy4739d ago

Yea, so Wal-Mrt stores the HD-DVD drive as "DVD Player" in their system? Yea right.

ITR4739d ago

You'd be surprised.

My friend bought a graphics card and it rang up as a flash drive...(right price though).

It was on clearance too just like that HD-DVD drive.

bootsielon4739d ago

It seems that nobody cares about HD-DVD anymore. Even Toshiba is lowering their projections, while Sony, despite lower than expected PS3 sales, will ship 600% more blu-ray equipment. Couple that with 600 percent more consumer electronics support, and %600 more hollywood support, and of course, game support, and you've got yourself a winner.

Come on Universal. Hit the last nail in HD-DVDs coffin!!

Covenant4739d ago

"Shipped" does not equal "sold." PSP and PS3 are proof of that. So were the end-of-the-year 360 shipments. If Toshiba's price-drops are seen as "desperation," then what would you call flooding the market?

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The story is too old to be commented.