Kutaragi Obsessed with Tech, Internal Sony Strife & PS3 Seen As "Risk"

Drom Kotaku: "Late last week, I had a conversation with an insider here in Japan. The insider has worked in the gaming industry for many years. He recounted an off-the-record conversation that he recently had with Sony Computer Entertainment management. Some of it is obvious and some is surprising..."



get the man a beer and a 360 already!

poor old ken, he sounds like hes going to have a breakdown when the PS3 comes out...

Karibu6275d ago

Kotaku, insider, source...
do your math.

bernie6275d ago

This guy is really putting his work before his life, is he married (I bet his wife hates the word P*********n).
I think Bill & Satoru should give him some advice on how to cope with stress.

Bishop6275d ago

He says take it for what its worth and what its worth is nothing. Sure everybody always turns there back on the company that grosses the most money in the console market.

We back everyone but the majority console market holder, which makes since. The dev kits for the PS3 and the 360 will be close to the same price but in the end its up to the developer as to how much the game costs to make.

I'll believe it when I see it.


It looks like Counter-Strike 2 will launch next week

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Playing The Last of Us Part II is Much Better Now After Watching The Show

Has HBO's The Last of Us show changed fans' thoughts on Naughty Dog's sequel, The Last of Us Part II? Maybe.

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Snookies124d ago (Edited 4d ago )

"Has HBO's The Last of Us show changed fans' thoughts on Naughty Dog's sequel"

Nope, my thoughts have always been the same. It was a masterpiece when it launched, and it has remained that way ever since. The only real flaw of this game, was the pacing. After hitting Abby's section, it kind of dragged a bit early on. I still maintain that this game was better than the first in just about every way other than pacing.

InUrFoxHole2d ago

I disagree. Thought part 2's story was trash.

CoNn3rB2d ago

I didn't hate the story but I wasn't a fan of how it was told, the switch half way through from Ellie to Abby was a massive momentum killer for me. It's one of those games where it's great to reflect upon and think about the themes but in that moment it's almost like starting over again and that's just not satisfying.

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TheKingKratos2d ago

Agreed, one of the best games ever made

anast2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

How many story beats per gameplay hour(s) does it take to have a well paced story?

I hated it when I had to switch to Ellie in Part I, but then I started to like Ellie. The same thing happened to me when I had to switch from Ellie to Abby.

raWfodog2d ago

I also loved Part 2's story. Of course it was not popular with a whole lot of fans, but I enjoyed it as it shook up our expectations. Not many games look at the other side of a story in such a visceral way. The original game made every one fall in love with Joel and Ellie so it was easy to see why many hated the events in the sequel. But I thought it added more to the game world as it showed how 'The Last of Us' refers to more than our favorite dynamic duo.

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isarai4d ago


The game tells the story better than the show imo

-Foxtrot2d ago

Yeah like the show literally rushes the entire first game in only 9 episodes…well actually 7 episodes as two of them are flashbacks. The fallback to this is that they changed so much to get to the end as quick as they can:

Tess for example. She’s fantastic in the games but the show does her no justice at all. The change to her death is just plain awful, there’s no emotion to it, even Joel in the show literally just runs off but in the games he hesitates until she screams to him to go. Then you have the silly tendril kiss compared to her taking on a small group of FEDRA soldiers knowing she’s going to be shot down but she does it to take as many of them down to let Joel get away.

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Kosic2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

The show was alright. But the acting was terrible. The choice of actors were also terrible, as they don't really look close to their counter parts.

Part 2 over stayed it welcome. With the big shock value and then following a group of teens seeking revenge for 25 hours, it got a tad boring towards the end.
Ellie was a good character in part 1, but in part 2, she wasn't inspiring at all along with her group of friends. It was the game world for me that made part 2 good. But I was so disheartened that they took away one of the better characters early on into the game, this was one of the sole reasons I disliked part 2.

senorfartcushion2d ago

I thought the show was much worse than the first game, to the point where it made me think "how much of this story did Bruce Straley think of?"

It must be the only explanation because whoever wrote TLOU 2 and the TV show (similar people, including Neil Druckmann) did not know how to properly build on/ adapt the premise of the first game.

Either Neil Druckmann, be he a writer or a consultant on the scripts, did not understand the first game, or he totally opposed what made it biting and relevant on purpose.