Kutaragi Obsessed with Tech, Internal Sony Strife & PS3 Seen As "Risk"

Drom Kotaku: "Late last week, I had a conversation with an insider here in Japan. The insider has worked in the gaming industry for many years. He recounted an off-the-record conversation that he recently had with Sony Computer Entertainment management. Some of it is obvious and some is surprising..."



get the man a beer and a 360 already!

poor old ken, he sounds like hes going to have a breakdown when the PS3 comes out...

Karibu6575d ago

Kotaku, insider, source...
do your math.

bernie6575d ago

This guy is really putting his work before his life, is he married (I bet his wife hates the word P*********n).
I think Bill & Satoru should give him some advice on how to cope with stress.

Bishop6574d ago

He says take it for what its worth and what its worth is nothing. Sure everybody always turns there back on the company that grosses the most money in the console market.

We back everyone but the majority console market holder, which makes since. The dev kits for the PS3 and the 360 will be close to the same price but in the end its up to the developer as to how much the game costs to make.

I'll believe it when I see it.


PlayStation Plus Just Quietly Released the Most Overlooked Tactical RPG Of All Time

Jeanne d'Arc is a brilliant hidden gem that released on the PSP in 2007, and now the tactical RPG is finally available again through PlayStation Plus.

OtterX21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

One of my favorite PSP titles of all time. This is probably my favorite Classic title to hit the PS Catalog yet. I had already bought it on Vita though as part of the PSP store, so I got it for free here to keep. That was quite generous of them, considering the HD overhaul and trophy addition. It would have been worth buying again. Every jrpg fan should try this out on PS+ catalog.

solideagle20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

can we not buy it separately? it seems its only for premium

OtterX20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

No? It shows up on mine as owned "Free" bc I bought it years ago.

If you have a Vita, I suppose you could still buy it, if it's still on the store there?

*edit - yep it's still there! $9.99 is a steal for this remaster. (of course free on PS+ catalog is amazing too! This is one I like owning though) You should be able to buy it there on that link on your PC.


Here's a reddit post about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/JR...

shinoff218320h ago

It's 10 bucks. Go over to the ... on the game page. It should let you buy it

FinalFantasyFanatic11h ago

You can buy it separately, I had to use the PS app to find it on the store (the web store is so dysfunctional), I thought the game had skipped the aussie store, lol.

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BinaryMind20h ago

@OtterX - Yes you can buy this game without owning a Vita (like pretty much every other PS classic on PS4/PS5). I bought it yesterday on PS5. It also costed 10 USD.

BinaryMind18h ago

Yep, you get both the PS4 and PS5 versions if you buy it too.

jznrpg20h ago

Its a great one and I’m going to play it via the Portal. Summoner PS2 also got trophies which is cool

MeteorPanda20h ago

Nothing beats ff tactics: war of the lions in my heart.

gold_drake20h ago

nothin beats Shinging Force 2, i mean, no contest haha xD

shinoff218320h ago

Shining force 2 was the first tactic game I ever played. Loved that turtle.

Lionsguard17h ago

Shining Force 1 had the more memorable characters imo.

OtterX20h ago(Edited 19h ago)

Yes! Final Fantasy Tactics is still my favorite tactical jrpg of them all!

TheColbertinator10h ago

Valkyria Chronicles is my #1 always

gold_drake20h ago

its rly good, playing right now actually ha.

Einhander197218h ago(Edited 18h ago)

I am playing this too, it's my first time. I really enjoy games like this and I'm having fun.

They also added Summoner which I do know quite a bit about it's also really good.

Great month for PS+ all round.

Edit: I hope Sony sees the popularity of this style of game because i have for years (since PS3) been wanting and saying they should make spin off games of their popular series but in different genres.

I have always wanted a tactical game from games like Uncharted, TLoU or Horizon (or any franchise really, I also think they could make a cool card battler Slay the Spire type game.

And they could make games like this quick and cheap compared to what they normally make.