GT at Belgian Motor Show Jan. 14, with a surprise for all possibly

A member has found and shared some info that shows Gran Turismo will have a presence at the upcoming Belgian Motor Show to be held in about 10 days from now. Additionally there might be a little surprise as quoted by Jordan of GTPlanet ~

"For me, however, the pieces start coming together when I recall the early information about the GT5 Time Trial Demo that was disclosed to me back in November. My source (you know who you are, thanks once again!) mentioned that it could feature either Indianapolis or Spa Francorchamps. Sure enough, Indianapolis was in, and Sony has already said the second round of GT Academy would be held on yet another new track. Hmm, what could it be?

I may be wrong, but I can't imagine a better time or place to reveal Belgium's most famous race track."

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yoghurt4226d ago

Over on GTplanet, somebody has posted scans of the upcoming official playstation magazine, it confirms many things such as:

indy car racing
day/night cycle racing
weather effects
c0ckpit view on all cars, deformation on all cars
car parts falling off on race cars

It's looking like this game could be a great success, good show PD.