IGN: Xbox Indie Games: A Failed Venture

Roughly a year ago IGN wrote an editorial about how Microsoft could take XNA Indie Games to the next level. At the time, the Indie Games service was in its infancy -- just a few months old -- and the idea of playing independently developed games on a console was still an exciting one. They had already born witness to critical successes like CarneyVale Showtime, Weapon of Choice and Groov. In the successive months Indie Games would occasionally make headlines around the gaming community. There was a relaunch with a new pricing model, Avatars were opened up to independent game makers, and a few games caught the public eye.

Yet, here it is over a year into this Indie Games venture and IGN is ready to call it a failure. Microsoft only has itself to blame.

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RockmanII74219d ago

"While the iPhone revolutionized the mobile market and Facebook changed gaming forever, Xbox Indie Games watched from the sidelines."

Thats because Facebook is free and everyone owns a iPhone/iTouch. Indie games are the only games on those systems, while the 360 has multi-million franchises everywhere.And while servers would help, XBLIG are not a failure.

jsacret4219d ago

Well i have yet to buy an Xbox 360, but i currently plan to buy one this week. My intentions are to create games for the xbox live indie games.

I will call xbox live indie games a success if i can sell 1 copy. Selling 1 copy fulfills dreams, dreams or hopes of that little boy (or girl) thinking "I one day wish to make games". Those thoughts are always conveyed towards making a game for a Console; and where to fulfill this dream, but on one of the top consoles of our time.

I think its indie, not for companies to make a huge chunk, but for the little guys trying to live dreams.