MLB10 The Show Fact Sheet

The MLB 10 The Show Fact sheet has just been released. Check it out now!

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saint_john_paul_ii4219d ago

"Online multiplayer has vastly improved this year to bring more of that competitive fire out amongst friends. First and foremost, the game will detect and respond better to adverse network conditions and bandwidth has been reduced to help the speed and flow of online gameplay."

thats what i like to hear, the Online mode being better, stable, and accessible than last year's MLB the Show. The Pope loves his baseball, LOL.

Kevin263854219d ago

It is amazing how much went into this fact sheet. Some games have a couple of lines but the guys at SCEA obviously worked hard this year.

JL4219d ago

I'm still back on '08. No real reason to update for me. I'm the type that once I have one version of a sports game I'm usually fine for a few years. Hell, I still haven't even finished a career in '08. Go back to it from time to time. Something I really do like here though is the adding of the catcher calling the game. I really like that feature, it's one of the bigger things I have a problem with in '08. This franchise is a great baseball game.

4219d ago
hazardman4218d ago

I think i'm sticking with my MLB 09..i'll just update the rosters..but no doubt the best baseball game since High Heat Baseball...