IGN: Fable III: What We Want

Announced at Gamescom 2009, Fable III has Xbox fans buzzing. Once again, there's the potential for greatness. But if Fable III hopes to become a revolutionary game and a classic, it needs to do a few things differently.

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Troll_Police4222d ago

Less glitches and less broken promises from Peter M.

Ausbo4222d ago

if you have never played the game. We all know that you are just trolling.

blue7xx74222d ago

Yes I agree I loved fable 2 but yeah most of these choices are right. Also no cheap ending

Xi4222d ago

better story progression - Fable is pretty much an open world game, a more GTA styled approach to the game when it comes to the story would be a major benefit.

More rpg elements - fable 2 was more sim then rpg imo, I'd like to see a greater diversity in game mechanics. I'd also like to see some form of skill tree brought in to help define rolls for those who prefer stealth or magic or brute strength etc.

keep the current(old) albion in the game - this would be a simply way to double the size of the game with less effort. Time plays a big role in fable, so allow people to skip back and forth between the 2 time periods, letting you play as one generation and the next.

more diversity, in everything - more weapons, more enemies, more jobs, more exploration, more magic etc. (again increase the rpg side of the game)

N4Garbage4222d ago

Give me classes and a wide variety of armor that looks different on the character per piece.

Start off in leather crap end off in Plate epicness.

Fable 2 sucked on character look.

Better faces and not those butthole looking ass characters that scream mental retardation.

Story wise add more action.

Lose the dog.

Add a counter attack system like AC2.

Lose the demon doors.

Use the new proprietary 360 engine.

Ausbo4222d ago

i agree with your whole list

blue7xx74220d ago

No way keep the dog that was one of the best things about Fable 2 the dog. But yeah I agree with more diffrent type of looking characters they all look the same ugly and haggard. Wouldn't hurt to add some pretty people. I mean there is lady grey but she is dead and a b*tch to take care of when you marry her only wanting the best.

Myst4222d ago

I agree with this list and the ones that N4Garbage and Xi have listed. The main thing I would like to see is just a better story, well..not persay "better" but something that could and should live up to the way it ended. II just ended so..well, it wasn't my cup of tea really and hopefully the ending of two will be explained more thoroughly in three.

Also to the choices one that seems like a good idea, as well and would like to see it played out.