ThePortableGamer: Magnetic Sports Soccer Review

TPG writes: "Magnetic Sports Soccer is essentially a tabletop soccer game like foosball, but instead of players on sticks, you have a collection of players with magnets in them that can attract or repel the ball, as magnets are wont to do. The game is basically soccer – you need to get the ball past the goalie, as that is ultimately the goal of soccer. An American jerk might say "What, it's not about pointlessly dribbling the ball around for 90 or so minutes, depending on how much stoppage time there is, because stopping the clock is just SO MUCH WORK" but one, I'm not a jerk…sometimes. Second, there is no pointless dribbling around of the ball because the players are stuck in place, you just tilt them in the direction you want to send the ball in."

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