Heavenly Sword Date Pushed back in Japan

According to Japanese magazine Famitsu,Sony notified them on a push back Japanese release date for Heavenly Sword.No further words about the shifted 2007 release date from Sony

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CyberSentinel4779d ago (Edited 4779d ago )

Wait Beyond.

CrazzyMan4778d ago (Edited 4778d ago )

Forza 2 - Delayed
Too Human - Delayed
Mass Effect - Delayed
Bioshock - Delayed
Blue Dragon - Delayed
Fable 2 - Delayed
VF5 - Delayed
DoA4 - Delayed
Two Worlds - Delayed
Haze - Delayed

p.s. that`s LAME to disagree with FACTS.

kewlkat0074778d ago (Edited 4778d ago )

We know that some 360 games have been delayed but Xbox fans have been playing good games for over a year. A Ps3 gamer has more right to be frustrated with PS3 games that are delayed.

This is not " yet another PS3 have a game have been delayed, so you choose to post a game delayed for the 360 as well, thats just silly.

The real point here is, PS3 gamers have been feenin, begging, wishing, folding,BD watching, and waiting for some good tiles to make their purchase seem, at least, a little more justified, purchasing early. While some, that do not have PS3, want these games to come out sooner, so they can make a purchase. Well whatever game that can move PS3 sales is welcomed.

While we want the games to look and play great, part of these delays are probably strategy on parts of the publisher and I know for the PS3 because of its Hardware architect/learning curve, as well as strategy.

I would hope you understand the PS3 fans frustrations, as well as those waiting to purchase the console. Of course your all about REVENGE with your posts, which is really not helping your PS3 com padres, since everybody "LITERALLY" have been "WAITING" Ask any Xbox fan and they will tell you the supply of games haven't been super great but somewhat Steady.

CrazzyMan4778d ago (Edited 4778d ago )

on BOTH consoles i WAIT for good nextgen survival-horrors(sh5, re5, aitd5).
on BOTH consoles i WAIT for good nextgen 3d platforms(ratchet, banjo3).
on BOTH consoles i WAIT for good nextgen slashers(ngs, ng2, dmc4, hs, gow3).
on BOTH consoles i WAIT for good nextgen fightings(sc4, t6).

so i DON`T see the difference when i have to WAIT for genres in which i am interested.

You can have 100 good shooters, 100 3d actions, but if you are interested in specific genres, it DOESN`T MATTER, you will have to WAIT.

cartman3134779d ago

If this game gets delayed in the US, i'm going to smash my ps3 into a million pieces.

Kaneda4779d ago

don't smash it...give it to me...

Keyser4778d ago

If your'e just going to smash it...I'll give you $10 for it.

PS3n3604779d ago

Next gen is now current gen almost 2 years in and still all the waiting. I was gonna get a PS3 but all these delays i just dont want the frustration. What is going on? Sony fkd this up big time.

BitbyDeath4778d ago

errrr, do you live in the future? PS3 has only been out for 7 months

cuco334778d ago

the ps3 was delayed a whole year from the get go... so he has a point of it being about 2 years

razer4778d ago

But if they need some extra time to get this game as great as I think it's going to be go ahead. When it drops it will drop jaws! There are a bunch of games coming before now and then.

TruthHurts4778d ago

delays are fine if their needed, if it makes a better finally product GO AHEAD.

really the only delay that has ever REALLY pissed me off was delaying "Zelda TP" for a year (so they could put it out for the WII)
That was Frustrating.

ErcsYou4778d ago

cant really call this game delayed , it never had a official release date. the delays dont really bother me. since the nes era, games have been getting delayed. the developers stated that they are 90% done with heavenly sword so it will still drop this year, most likely this fall. i understand if japanesse gamers have to wait while its translated( dubbed edition ) because US gamers have always had to wait for japanesse games to be translated.

the only delay that bothers me is gran turismo psp

Kokoro4778d ago

Make this game come out in the fall like it's supposed too.

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The story is too old to be commented.