Xbox 360 versus PlayStation 3 Graphics Comparison: Round Two

From Gamespot:

"It's been more than six months since we published our first Xbox 360 versus PlayStation 3 graphics comparison feature. Games on both systems looked great, but the Xbox 360 games had more polish. We found that the Xbox 360 edged out the PlayStation 3 with higher-resolution textures and better lighting. The result of the first comparison wasn't surprising--the Xbox 360 had been available for a year and developers were already cranking out second-generation games, while the PlayStation 3 had just arrived in retail with its first-generation games. We decided to check on a few games released in recent months to see if the PlayStation 3 has caught up to or overtaken the Xbox 360."

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Sexius Maximus4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

it is what non fanboys expected. The 360 is still in the lead. But as programmers get use to the PS3 hardware, the graphics will be a lot closer than they use to be. The ONLY reason to buy a PS3, is for their exclusive titles (which will be great) Multiplat games are the same or better on the 360 and not worth dishing out an extra $200 for. Get a PS3 for their exclusives, it'll be worth it, but leave all others to the 360.

RedSeven4802d ago

"The ONLY reason to buy a PS3, is for their exclusive titles"

I also enjoy being able to access my PS3 with my PSP. I also personally enjoy the bluray player and the XMB. Honestly, maybe its the ONLY reason you should buy a PS3?

uxo224802d ago

You make a good point. But I must admit, I have had my PS3 for some time now. I just don't use it (At least no very much) I'm tired of playing motorstorm (For now at least). I connected to it with my PSP, but after looking at a couple of pictures and listening to some music, that function is useless (Could have done that with my IPOD)

Another thing that annoys me about my PS3 is that it doesn't play well with formats that sony decided to block or not include. How can you call something a media hub and can't view divx or xvid files amongst others. I'm not bashing the PS3, I love my PS3 and also love my 360. It's just right now, the PS3 is not very inspiring to me (Hopefully that will change in the near future.)

Sometimes I do wish I would have waited before buying it. Sony has kinda dropped the ball on this one, but, you already know that.


Even though I own both systems Sony has always seemed self serving to me. (M$ isn't much better.)

cdawson4802d ago

Agreed, I'm planning on getting all the multis for my 360.

That being said the PS3 has a more powerful exclusive line-up than the xbox. Also IMO the 360 is more online/multiplayer oriented (hence the multitude of FPS games), and the PS3 is aimed for more of a pure gaming experience.

The General4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Seximus Maximus - if the 360 is leading, it's only because developers are lazy, but if you put in enough work then you'll get a better looking game. For an example: Bethesda and Oblivion.

Here's from the article:


Bethesda delayed Oblivion for the PS3 from Q4 2006 to March 2007, but it looks like the developers made good use of that extra time to improve graphics for the PS3. The PS3's textures have more detail and stay sharp farther into the distance. We actually preferred how the 360's low-res ground outside the stables looked compared to the PS3's sharper yet bland-looking ground, but it could just be an artwork issue since the PS3 has better looking stonework in our city shot where both systems share similar base textures. Character models definitely look better on the PS3. The armor on the standing guard shows more intricate detailing on the PS3. Bethesda has indicated that it plans on upgrading the 360 version's graphics up to PS3 levels, but last week's 360 patch didn't seem to include any of the PS3's graphical improvements.

See if you work hard to understand the architecture of the ps3, the ps3 will give better graphics.

Mart, you don't seem to understand the point of this article. From the last comparison Gamespot had on third party titles to now, the graphics of the ps3 is edging closer and closer to that of 360 in only 6 months. I'm going to say that again: in only 6 MONTHS. Now imagine what's going to happen by this fall when they have the next set of comparisons. I guarantee from what i saw in these pics that by christmas time or early next winter that all this games will either be identical or the ps3 might have a slight edge. Programmers just have to get used to the ps3 and in only 6 months from the previous comparison shots, look what they were able to do. Think about it. The ps3 is a mighty beast and the developers are just getting better at taming it.

Fisher3394802d ago

Developers like the ones for Burnout 5, Said if you make a multiplatforms for the ps3 first, it is easier to port them over. instead of vice versa.

People give ubisoft crap for making crappy ports like FEAR (it was pretty bad) and i think they learn they must put a little more effort into porting to the ps3. Rainbow6 still looks worse on ps3 but not nearly as bad as the ported fear.

TheMART4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Too bad dude.

That's exactly ONE game were they had a FULL YEAR extra to program and optimize on. If the 360 had that extra time it would have looked as good, if not better then the PS3 version.

And you know what's funny. Developers want their games out at the same time cross platform. Which means: same time on PS3 and 360 version. The 360 version is easier and faster to make. What would you think you get? A finalized, optimized, great 360 version and a less good, not finalized PS3 version.

You see now? You'll always get the bad version. All the past cross platform games prove that. You have ONE example, only Oblivion, that just looked a tad better for a year extra time.

It's THAT pathetic

"Major League Baseball 2K7

The system graphics are remarkably close in MLB 2K7, but GameSpot editor Aaron Thomas wanted us to mention that MLB 2K7's "frame rate on the PS3 was terrible compared to the 360." Looking beyond frame rate issues, we really had to nitpick to come up with graphical differences, such as the sharper grass textures and more detailed dirt around home plate in the 360 version. The outfield "405" distance marker is also sharper on the Xbox 360. Shirt logos on the fans, though blurry on both systems, are slightly more detailed on the 360. "

"Spider-Man 3

If there's one game that we expected would look better on the PS3, it was Spider-Man 3, but developer Treyarch didn't do Sony any special favors in the PS3 game based on the Sony Pictures movie. (Well, unless you're really into big trees.) Spider-Man's costume is much cleaner on the 360 compared to his PS3 outfit. However, the PS3 suit's softer lines do make Spidey's movements smoother. Several building details are missing on the PS3 in the first image set and in the ground view of the city. We're not sure what's happening with the traffic lines and crosswalk pattern on the PS3, but it could be a filtering issue similar to what we saw on the 360 in Armored Core 4."

"Virtua Tennis 3

The stadium objects in the PS3 image visually pop on the rollover. We can't tell which lighting style is more accurate, but it's a noticeable difference between the two games. One judgment we can make is that the Xbox 360 version has sharper textures. You can see it in the netting and in the Dunlop logo on the box to the right of the net in the third image set. The Xbox 360 players also seem to cast softer shadows on the court, while the PlayStation 3 has hard shadows. "

"NBA Street Homecourt

It was difficult to spot graphics differences between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in NBA Street Homecourt until we examined the character models in the cropped comparison images. Both games looked almost the same when we compared them on two HDTVs sitting side-by-side, but the PS3's player models appeared slightly grainier than the Xbox 360's when we took a close look at the screenshots. There's a big difference between sitting six feet from an HDTV and sitting a foot away from a computer monitor flipping back and forth between JPEGs."

"Def Jam Icon

Def Jam Icon has richly detailed maps that include several dynamic elements that move with the music. It was difficult to capture matching images with clouds rolling overhead, objects bumping onscreen, and rappers beating the crap out of each other, but we came close. Both games look fantastic. The only real difference we noticed was the Xbox 360's antialiasing. Compare the Xbox 360's clean cable lines to the jagged lines on the PS3. The porch railing in the second map also has better antialiasing on the 360."

And you don't want me to add comparing results in favour of the 360 with COD3, Rainbow Six, FNR3, F.E.A.R. and all those other multiplatform games, DO YOU?

The reason doesn't even matter any more. More difficult to program or not, the 360 gets the better versions of the multiplatform games, we can state that for sure now.

Leathersoup4802d ago

"developers made good use of that extra time to improve graphics for the PS3"

Bethesda already stated that what they did to make the game look better on the PS3, could have been done for the 360 as well.

Fisher3394802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

You're right mart, Developers like making games for the 360 because it is qucker and ultimately cheaper. Thats the problem with developers nowadays, Most of them just wanna make the most money as fast and cheaply as possible.

In the end this results in poor(er) qualitity games overall.

Good Developers take Risks, Which is exactly what some are doing by developing for the PS3 first. Haze? Burnnout5? Both Games will look great because the developers are taking their time and not rushing just to make a quick buck.

Any multiplatform games that are focused on the ps3 first will look better compared to 360 focused multiplatform games, because it may take longer to develop, but hard work pays off

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chitown4802d ago

GAMSPOT are litlle b!tches everyone knows that. they suck MS d!ck, their fu(kin bias as hell towards the ps3.. i dont listen to anything these clowns have to say

elliot_4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

yeaH i have to agree one thing with thing it's clearly was one of sites that gave the ridge racer for ps3 worth score than the 360...what is completely stupid...why ign gave a 7 for 360 and a 8.2 for ps3?

but in gs game received an 8.1 for 360 N a 8 for ps3...something is not right here and in europe magazines the ps3 version received much better scores than the xbox version...
oblivion looks even worth in ps3 too...

look at the colors in the screens...they put the ps3 so white and ugly...this wasn't the images i saw in the ps3...this is only a example...

edit: yeah leathersoup probably you're are right;)

Leathersoup4802d ago

They're comparing it to other games on the system. On the 360 the number of games that are better than RidgeRacer 6 is astounding whereas there are like what 3 games out for the PS3 that look-better/are-more-fun-than RidgeRacer 6.

Covenant4802d ago

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Sangheili854802d ago

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FadeToBlack4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Vodka and Gin?

Why disagree with vodka or gin? they both make you feel pretty sweet.

Omicronn4802d ago

white controller, black controller

great anti flame post btw:) need more of these type of wars:) +rep

Sangheili854802d ago

Spaghetti and Meatballs... Oh PWNED can't beat that.

Hahahahah i know its a great post. thanks to the greatness of Covenant. +rep man cheer cheer

Wargasm4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Shmoke and a pancake?

Babylonian4802d ago

PlayStation 3 VS Xbox 360.......oh sh!t now I ruined it didn't I.
Well anyway the PS3 wins easily.

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elliot_4802d ago

xbox 360 looks much better doubt

360 looks like print screen pictures...and the ps3 pics looks like a photoshot...the colours of 360 looks better...i don't know if in reality the effects are the same...

WoundedMoon4802d ago

"XBox 360 looks like a integrated screen capture, PS3 looks like they took out there 1.3 mega-pixel camera and took a screen-shot (literally)." If I may take the liberty of rewording your message?

The FIRST screen I look at is the top/first AC4 screen. You'll notice the 360 version has about 2 colums of black pixels on the left side, and then cleanly cuts to the real image, the PS3 version has a similar thing, although it slowly fades or blurs into the real picture. Maybe they really did take a "screen shot"? But why bother with that when you can take the same XBox 360 screen, and apply a blur filter, lower the contrast, and get the same effect. Hmmm...