New GTHD Images

New images of the PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo HD presenting a new special edition "24 hours of Mans".

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Diselage4802d ago

Looking good, way better than Forza 2 graphics at least. Then again that doesn't take much.

Xi4802d ago

the replay is the only thing that looks good in gthd.

ITR4802d ago

Have you played the GT demo?
Both have jaggies.

The demo got a redraw issue when you watch the car turn on the turntable showroom.

Both could be better IMO.
But so far I think FM2 drives better then the GT demo..right out of the box.
Normally all the traction controls help you..but in GT they keep you from turning which isn't very realistic.
I can't drive in the GT demo unless I change out tires and cut out all the electronic devices.
Otherwise most all of the cars drive like a bus.

FM2 needs some graphical tweaks to fix some of the jaggies and make the hood view universal on all vehicles not just a select few.

(I was impressed with the R32 in FM2. It drives just like my car on the track.)

TheMART4802d ago

So how is driving in one rendered car on screen without real rendering surroundings (flat images of mountains that scroll by), no damage and bad car control?

Must that be called a sim? You missed actually the reason for playing a driving sim. Which clearly is in favour of Forza 2

Antan4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

"flat images of mountains that scroll by". Mart, the mountains in the background are actually 3D, leave the attract mode run and you get a great flyby showcasing this, im sure there are vids on the net. I can knock a vid up for any interested peeps.

Fair points otherwise, though it is a demo i guess. BUT GT5 will still need to produce as Forza 2 is quite a benchmark maybe not graphically but it has it where it counts.....gameplay.

MADGameR4802d ago

It looks great! Much better than the last time I saw screens from GTHD.

marionz4802d ago

but i agree the backgrounds, especially the mountains look like flat paintings
and did anyone notice when you go through a tunnel it kind of looks like you are following a clear wall infrount of you that you cant catch up to
GT is good but for those who go on about forza being bad i think you need to look at the score it got, yes the buildings may look a bit flat but they are by no means bad, and they are still far better then the hazey GT demo

yes ive played both
no im not a fanboy

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VirtualGamer4802d ago

I wonder if this is something they will allow people to download and play? Having another track like this would be awesome until GT5 comes out.

LSDARBY4802d ago

They did say that they would update GTHD with cars and tracks until GT5 but wheather we have to pay for these updates ???

Maddens Raiders4802d ago

Gran Turismo. A National Treasure.

Maddens Raiders4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

exactly, Disney did a great job on that as did Nick Cage. Eiger's not half bad over there @ the Mouse, but then again who doesn't like intriguing stories re: Grand Orient Masons and governement conspiracies? That's like Roswell and JFK. Who really knows, right? Great writing, actors and settings - you'd think it was a great hit, but it was panned somewhat by the critics towards the end of it's cinema run. Hmmmm.......that's really wierd.......people are getting harder and harder to please these days it no avail.....wierd.......huh..... ...?............oh =]

But, he [Cage] just wasn't Johnny Blaze for me even though he's a very talented thespian and admittedly, one of my favorites.

I'd like to see Nat'l Treasure on Blu-Ray one day (thanks Buena Vista); I mean I know it's coming but not sure when, and I think Ghost Rider will be kinda cool too in HD glory, but it will be a tough decision. That was Marvel's fault just as much as anyone elses and every Marvel offering can't be a hit. We already knew that, although I love Elektra & the Fantastic 4 despite the thrashing they took from critics.

Oh a/w go, go Gran Turismo.


EDIT: - Dammit why did you mention Daredevil!? aahhhhh! lol

That movie was actually pretty cool, but the whole time under the mask I knew...I knew it was Ben Affleck......Ben Affleck!?

No offense Big Ben, but dude you should've never been The Daredevil...and if it was some no-name...who knows it might've been a much bigger hit with the audiences around the world. People that know Stan Lee know that he "loves" Daredevil (and Captain Marvel, The Mighty Thor, Incredible Hulk, Doctor Strange,Captain America, Silver Surfer and Logan the Wolverine - X-Men...and of course Spider-Man) and that he / they should be a shining star[s] on the silver screen @ all times ~ no excuses {sorry Hulk} exceptions. If these characters make it to the silver screen(which some have) they have to shine - that's all I'm saying....they are the heart of Marvel.

I think sometimes producers try to overdue with credentials and end up throwing the wrong typecast out (and there should be none) trying to get hype and end up bogging the movie down by distracting your audience. Daredevil....what could've been? Really?

MoonDust4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Daredevil, another great movie. Well, at least i thought it was.

IBLEEDBLU4802d ago

im just glad i own one of them :) 2007 golf GTI

soccerstar4802d ago

golf gti's are pretty gay dude i feel bad for you that you have to drive that around but anyway i like gthd a lot more than forza but i would rather play an arcade racer like burnout

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