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Nathan Drake24222d ago

where are nba street and ssx,EA?

A Cupcake for Gabe4222d ago

NBA Jam!? The return of Beastie Boys and Bill Clinton? They should have 50+ characters, and DLC. This is my favorite Arcade B-Ball game other than NBA on NBC Showtime.

Enigma_20994222d ago

... I would have been more excited to hear the return of SSX, like you said...

Microsoft Xbox 3604222d ago

"He's on FIRE!"

Nice can't wait.

Yi-Long4222d ago

...instead of NBA Jam, I would much rather see NBA Street.

NBA Street V3 was one of the best sports games ever, and it's such a shame it never REALLy got a worthy HD sequel.

SSX3 was also amazing, SSX on Tour a huge let-down, but I'd love a new SSX as well. :)

And while we're on the subject of games we'd rather see make a triumphant return in HD, what about a proper sequel to Def Jam FFNY, one of the best fighters of last gen!?

Mini Mario4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Sweet i love NBA Jam. Im liking all these arcade and old school games coming back. Never really got into the whole realism of the newer sports games.

I prefer a arcade style game, just drop the coin and play!

Bnet3434222d ago

NBA Street Homecourt came out on the 360 and PS3 ...

Trebius4222d ago

I hope the 360 can handle the game though...

The dunking and the fire and all the crowds and the camera flashes....i dont know if the 360 would be able to do it all...

We'll see though :)

bacon134221d ago

YES! I missed NBA Jam. Over the top dunks FTW. HE'S HEATING UP!

Enigma_20994221d ago

... Sorry fellas... I had more fun cranking up the arcade mode in NBA Live. So take it like a man and accept it... SSX will ALWAYS be a better game than NBA Jam... because it's not hard to outdo a game like that.

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The gaming GOD4222d ago

NBA Jam was a midway game. Could be wrong though

Elven64222d ago

Both Midway and Acclaim used to publish NBA Jam titles, I guess EA must have bought them recently?

Montrealien4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Midway is bankrupt, with many of its properties being sold namely NBA Jam. Acclaim was known for publishing Midway arcade ports way back in the day, Midway was not making console games in those days.

MK_Red4221d ago

Didn't Warner Bros buy most of Midway's properties including NBA Jam? Anyway, the series was beyond awesome and was easily among the best arcade games of its time along with MK2-3.

Elven64221d ago

None of the licensed NBA, NFL, etc stuff was bought by Warner since they basically had to jump through hoops with organizations like the NBA to be able to use them again.

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4pocalyps34222d ago

nba jam was one of the only sport games i played. "hes on fire" ahhh good times, good stuff.

Kevin263854222d ago

One of the classics..Unfortunately the rumor is that its only for the Wii!

n4f4222d ago

i hope they dont ruin it(not because its on wii)

Bathyj4222d ago

Boom Shaka Laka Laka.

games4fun4222d ago

i was going to post the same thing, it was the only basketball game i played on the genesis

Baka-akaB4222d ago

Meh , nba street was a great and perfect evolution of the arcade basket concept ... while past nba jam have been mediocre and a a gimmick .

Unless it's nba street in disguise and with a more popular license

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