Editorial - Murder, Tony Hawk: Ride Cited

Koku Gamer writes: "There are so many questions that should be directed at the family to question their competence and why characters such as Morales were allowed to be near and alone with a young child at the early hours of the morning. Allowing an ex-convict with a violent past to be in close quarters with a child boggles the mind. I seriously doubt that many parents would even entertain the idea of allowing such a circumstance. In no way should a child and an adult criminal be allowed to do anything alone in a room late at night. To believe otherwise is insanity. The debate about games causing aggression and violence will surely rage on for some time and this is just another case of video games being blamed for something when there are other real and apparent causes. The video game is just the most visible suspect. Unfortunately, stupidity is perpetual for some people and over time it causes them to be blind to reality.

What do you guys think, has the media gone desperate blaming as much as a skateboarding game over a murder of a person?"

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mau644223d ago

That guy can go to hell for all I care.

The Happy Baby4223d ago

do you kill a child over something like this?

young juice4223d ago

i agree this guy should be executed, however trying to blame the parents is a bull$hit move. my house is full of convicts and felons are you saying im a crazy moronic [email protected] for being around them.

Ziriux4223d ago

You're a bad a$$ Juice, what can we say.

Sitdown4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Just out of you feel that sex offenders should not have to register...and are you okay with child sex offenders being allowed to be left alone with children?....and/or allowed to work in daycare.

You might not like it...but if this article is correct in what it says..then yes, the parents do have a role in this. I can see if this happened out in the community, but this took place in their home...where they allowed their child to be in close quarters with ex-convict with anger problems. If I as a therapist could be held responsible for a client committing suicide or homicide, then I can definitely understand how the parents can pick up some of the blame for this. For one, this could be seen as neglect if the child was not left with a responsible caregiver.

young juice4222d ago

“He doesn’t act right on the street but he always minded his manners in the house.” Morales, who also goes by the fake name Michael Jacob, has a history of lewd behavior and violent tendencies with dozens of arrests and having spent two years in a state prison for assault.

do you see sex offender or murderer in this paragraph, this man could have been trusted amongst the entire family. then he could have developed some kind of mental illness, or just plain snapped the point is this could have happened to anyone who has a relationship with the culprit.

but i do see what your getting at.

The Happy Baby4222d ago


but i agree with your thought on parents being responsible.
his g-ma is a dumbass.

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TheDarkCynic4223d ago

Yes, a video game was involved, but especially in this case, it could have been anything that triggered this incident. What should be questioned, as always, is the person who did it.

cb8104223d ago

Crazy people are gonna do crazy sh!t whether they play video games or not

Ziriux4223d ago

Exactly, you could have blamed anything in regards to this situation. What puzzles me is what mom or granny would leave a child with this beast.

mrv3214223d ago

But I though video games cause violence.

If Jack Thompson turns this into a anti-video game thing I will be very angry.

My deepest sympathy to a family and I hope the guilty is punished because I really hate it when innocent people get hurt.

Ziriux4223d ago

Pleasee nooooooo don't, not Jack again, too bad, he cant use a kid friendly Tony Hawk game as a way of video game and violence.

Whitefox7894223d ago

That guy is a little too loony to be of any reliability to anyone. For Example.

"In October 2006, Thompson sent a letter to Midway Games, demanding they cease and desist selling the latest game in the Mortal Kombat series, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, claiming that the game was illegally profiting on his likeness, because gamers could use the Kreate a Fighter option to make a character who looked like Jack Thompson. Midway did not cease distribution of the game."

Well sheesh Thompson I could draw a picture of someone ripping your head off in your likeness does that mean your going to ban Art?

I swear to god people sometimes forget America's strongest factor the 1st Amendment. "Freedom of Speech, Press, and Exercise of Religion". That covers just about all the bases.

BonhamZ0S04223d ago

This Turd of a game, along with this guy's problems, finally pushed the guy over the edge. Its a shame the way people are acting these days.

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