Claims of Apple Games Just PR Fluff?

Alex Handy, the former editor of Game Developer magazine writes:
"Waaaaaaaay back in 1999, id was right there at MacWorld, with Carmack talking about how rad the OS was, and demanding that a multi-button mouse arrive. And this was Mac OS 9!

People applauded. Those, like myself, who covered the Macintosh gaming world for a living saw a bright future ahead. EA wasn't there, but Activision was, and Aspyr was bringing Madden to the Mac anyway. MacSoft was bringing Unreal Tournament over, and StarCraft was still on the Mac, and still kicking ass.

And then, nothing happened."

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the_round_peg4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Just to show you all how serious Apple is taking gaming... Apple will not be at E3 this year.

As the matter of fact, Apple will continue to be a no-show for all major game expos and gaming industry events: E3, GDC, Tokyo Game Show, and GC.