Capcom is also complaining about the Wii

After SEGA who claimed that they maybe won't making more mature games for the Wii, it is now Capcom France that is saying that "the future for us is on the XBox 360 & PS3 and that the Wii users who bought Resident Evil 4 at the beginning now turned to the HD consoles."

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nogolis4221d ago

It doesn't matter if 50 million people bought the wii or 100 million because 90% of them are over 50 years in age and use it under the absurd impression they're going to get "fit" again. They use it as a social toy and nothing more. The wii isn't a games machine it's an instrument moronic yuppie parents drag out at coktail parties and try to look cool with.

Nintendo couldn't sell mature content to the porn industry no more than the porn industry could sell it to Disney.

Redempteur4221d ago

lol what about porn ???...

this comment is ridiculous ... could you please focus on the point the article made instead of writing nonsense .

Capcom tried ( monter hunter , zak & wiki , resident evil ) it didn't work ..

Other tried ( S-E ) and it worked

..simple as that ...

"the Wii users who bought Resident Evil 4 at the beginning now turned to the HD consoles."

And if you tried to make a good Resident evil game instead of shooters ..maybe they would have sold more ?

Also umbrella chronicles did good enough to get a sequel ..

i call buls**t on this one ..

Daver4220d ago


mature games from S-E for the wii? which ones?

kratos1234220d ago

lol wii its losing all the support everyday
more games fore us 360/ps3 hooray fore us now give me lost planet 2

Redempteur4220d ago

-Dragon quest swords
-FFCC cristal bearers
-The "my life as a king" FFCC ..

S-E also published the "lost winds" in japan ..

In other words ..S-E tried to make wii games ( or to publish some ) and they all sold well so far
( they are not kidies games ) they are good games not for everyone but they do their job.

And if i'm not mistaken dragon quest 10 is on the way too ..

kingdavid4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Those arent exactly what id call "mature games".

Which of those sqaure enix games was given a mature rating at least?

Mature games in my eyes are those like madworld, RE , the latest dead space and the conduit. All of which flopped in my books.

As for square enix selling that much or not, its square enix. Do you really expect people on japan not to buy their games?

DQ X will likely be one of the highest selling games this gen imo.

Redempteur4220d ago

oh sorry i guess it neeed blood and gore to be enjoyed by a mature audience or by rpg fans ... /s

NOtice that i never spoke a mature games in my first replay ..i was just trying to answer what kind of games i enjoyed as a gamer on my wii ...

ChickeyCantor4220d ago

" They use it as a social toy and nothing more"

[Xboxlive] [PSN]


sikbeta4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Is simple, Third Party Games can't counter First Party Games, every Third Party Dev was thinking is going to be the same like with the PS1 and PS2 but no, they can't even think of making a HUGE seller game, COD is the exception

Another thing is the Hardware, why Nintendo didn't make it MORE powerful, with Video Cards being more and more powerful, Consoles can't be just like Hardware Updates, if this gen was like that, PC Gamers could LAUGH at US with no mercy while showing Images and Videos from CRY-SIS lol

mastiffchild4220d ago

Capcom "tried" did they? I'll give them MH3 as trying but little else. their two best Wii games are ports of old games(Okami and RE4)and they NEVER gave Wii owners anything like them since in terms of gameplay or quality. Zack and Wiki was just nevr pushed at all or,. I believe would've been big but the two Resi rail shooters were lazy, crappy cash ins compared to what Wii owners had showed they'd buy in their droves with RE4(a VERY old game by now)then you think about their other mistakes on Wii like games of the standard of CTYD which are just insulting and the fact there was never a SF title for the Wii-how do they expect Capcom Vs Tats to match that?

Sorry, I don't buy it when Capcom say they "tried" with mature Wii games. Sega? Yes, EA and Capcom? Not at all.

DaTruth4219d ago

Can you believe that 360 fanboys think Natal will succeed where Nintendo failed? MS don't even have a first party like Nintendo to capitalize off of! This is what will happen when MS try to rely on third parties for their motion control casual shovelware!

Also, I agree with everything you said about the Wii. 90% of the people who bought those were the same people who use to look down on us for playing children's toys(videogames), then they go and buy the kiddiest piece of crap videogame console on the market for the sole purpose of looking cool for their friends!

Mini Mario4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

It's kinda hard to buy your games capcom when they are not released in my country. I live in Australia, but didnt the article said Europe responded very well to the monster hunter franchise...has it even been released there>?

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Myst4221d ago

As long as they don't mess with Monster Hunter Tri's release >_>

PirateThom4221d ago

It was... invitable. Even as the best selling console, Nintendo can't keep third parties on board.

Smacktard4220d ago

"“[Concerning Evil Resident: The Darkside Chronicles] In the absolute the figures are not too bad, but one will not lie oneself, they are lower than than one hoped."

Good. I'm glad it had low figures. The first one was absolutely atrocious, and I have no doubt that its sequel is any different.

"After three weeks (the interview was carried out on December 23, note), we are with a total of 16.000 sold parts. It is felt well that there is a very clear problem on this style of play on Wii, where obviously the gamers passed to other thing. Two years ago still, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles had however had one very very large success on Wii. There, it is noted, the customers of this console turned to things much more general public. It is a disappointment."

Probably because Crapcom tricked the public into thinking the game would be good, or that Capcom would start taking the Wii seriously if it sold well (which the game did, and which they said they'd do, but what they ended up not doing!).

"Resident Evil 4 on Wii had functioned well, but it left in June 2007, when the market did not have anything to see! This year on Wii, it was very difficult with a plethoric offer, and a market gamer which was radically upset. It is noted that the plays known as “gamers” are sold less and less on the console of Nintendo, that it is about MadWorld, of Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, The House off te Dead: Overkill… the scores were not extraordinary."

House of the Dead apparently sold well. But even if it didn't sell well-enough for Capcom... it's still just ANOTHER rail shooter, of which there are enough on the Wii. Chop Till You Drop is a goddamn joke. That game was absolute trash and it deserved the salecancer it received. If it sold one copy, it sold too many. MadWorld, while a good game, was pretty niche, and it was wayyyy too short. I sincerely regret paying full price for it when it first came out.

If we're going to talk about 3rd party titles that definitely didn't sell well enough on the Wii, let's talk about Boom Blox: Bash Party, Mercury Meltdown Revolution, Little King's Story, Muramasa, Rune Factory Frontier, A Boy and His Blob, Zack and Wiki, or Okami, which actually sold worse on the PS2.

ceedubya94220d ago

It was a fun game to play through with my wife. Nothing more, nothing less. The shaking of the camera can give people fits or motion sickness, but its not too horrible. You get used to it after a while (although you wish that it wasn't there).

I'd imagine that the timing of release didn't help the game either. Too many other options out before and not long after to consider across all consoles. This is probably a game that a multiconsole owner would buy, and would more than likely be further down the list of wants.

Sevir044220d ago

Real gamers exist only on PS3 and Xbox 360. Their's no way i'll ever play on Wii's it's bad when your grand ma and grand pa are playing on Wii's It's a totally bad move for the industry and you know what. pure gaming will only get more polluted on the real gaming consoles with the introduction of more precised motion control peripheral from Sony and MS... i hope the grandma's and Pa's stay off this these platforms because i dont want cooking Mama on PS3, or Natal aerobics on the 360...

akashifire4220d ago

Pure gaming? lol. Is that gamer language for "games should only be made for the hardcore audience and must have HD and all that jazz"?

Totally bad move for the industry... the Wii? No. The hardcore market wouldn't have been able to enact industry growth during the global financial crisis if it wasn't for Nintendo and the casual market.

Have a read:

"Without these sales, the industry would have likely felt the full wrath of the recession--much like other industries closely linked to gaming," Divnich said. "We believe their simple-to-use design, cheaper and wider variety of software titles, and the already 'hot effect' in place on both systems, all played a role in driving both the Wii and the DS to the top of their segments. Simply put, Nintendo saved Christmas."

And it's silicone, not "silcone".

tunaks14220d ago

deal just keep that gay ass natal ricochet away from Wi,
pure gaming... lol
ok there buddy

ChickeyCantor4220d ago

"Real gamers exist only on PS3 and Xbox 360."

Sorry to hear that Wii-only guys are fake gamers.

hatchimatchi4220d ago

"The hardcore market wouldn't have been able to enact industry growth during the global financial crisis if it wasn't for Nintendo and the casual market."

Explain please, i don't see what this has to do with the ps3 or 360.


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