PS3 Firmware 1.81 Coming Soon

Have a TV set compatible with the PS3's Full RGB mode? Likely, you've experienced the issue where rebooting your PS3 actually resets the color settings - reverting back to the limited RGB output signal, even though you had previously selected Full RGB. A rather annoying problem indeed, but here's the good news: Sony plans to fix the issue with the release of firmware 1.81.

The news comes from a user over at the official PlayStation Europe forums, who called in Sony's support line asking for help with the problem. He says the update is due out by this Friday at the latest. There could be other bug fixes as well, but for now all we know is that the update will fix the color settings problem.

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Maddens Raiders4741d ago

Come on 2.00. I know you're out there just waiting to be unleashed.

RedSeven4741d ago

When can I finally have my own background photos?

Kastrol4741d ago

Me too anime backgrounds rock

shyam1520074741d ago

hopefully sony add a 'on' option for 24hz playback so that TVs will be forced to play Blu-ray movies at 24p, allowing for no judder during playback!!!

Bonsai12144741d ago

24hz has been there since 1.8 with an "automatic" option

quiddd4741d ago

So this is on the list......(or what I'd like to see)

1. Theme settings(background formatting)
2. Music streaming
3. More PSP to PS3 uses

What else would you guys like to seein the update?

Siesser4741d ago

I'm still waiting for something as simple as a codec upgrade. When I can play Divx and .avi, and maybe some .ogg if they're in a giving mood, I'll be happy.

Marceles4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

A user at the PS europe forum huh...really reliable

Edit" lol @ disagree...i love this site

zslash4740d ago

Yes he was reliable. The web page for firmware 1.81 is now up at the PlayStation Germany site:

Still the download link points to 1.80. Firmware won't be released until tomorrow at the latest.

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The story is too old to be commented.