Are Most Games Today Too Easy or Is Demon's Souls Too Hard?

Crispy Gamer writes:

"There is something oddly soulless about how modern games approach the question of difficulty. Tutorials are, by and large, rigidly conceived and frequently absurd, having to necessarily oblige the thickest, least-skillful and most-stoned audience members. Some tutorials are so slobberingly accommodating you practically want to leave money for them on the dresser once they have had their way with you. Or think of a game like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. During its puzzle sequences (and, really, these are "puzzles" along the lines of keeping straight the crucial differences between a square and triangle), if you cannot figure something out due to your recent stroke, the game drops a broad hint. You are then given a moment to act on it. If you do not, the game pretty much tells you exactly what you are supposed to do. While playing Uncharted 2, I sometimes had the distant thought of how much I missed the days of being trusted to figure out stuff on my own."

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happy_gilmore3840d ago

they want the gamers to actually beat the game so the gamers can see all the stuff that they worked on.

and demon's souls is like any other rpg. just level up enough and then the game becomes easier.

Udidntlistenpunk3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

and bam, you finished the campaign mode.

Is there anyone at all that couldnt finish COD4, COD WAW, CODMW2 campaign because of difficulty? I would be surprised if you can find someone. Even 10 year olds can beat these games in two days.

What does that tell you about the difficulty?

Demons Souls isnt particularly hard. Its just BRUTAL and UNFORGIVING. You make a mistake and its all back from the start. You make another mistake? Say bye bye to your souls.

Thats incredibly frustrating. But most parts are surprisingly easy after you figure out how it works. The first time is hard, yes. Because youre carefull and dont want to be ambushed. But once you know your way and know where the enemies are...its easy.

Leveling up is a must if you want to continue. Because you need better stats and stronger weapons/ armor. And both can only be obtained with souls. Lots of souls.

Simply put, in your first playthrough, dont save up souls like gil in other rpgs. Spend all your souls in stats immediately as you get it. Thats how you survive in the beginning. Once you build a stronger character, you can do more and farm more etc. It, then, becomes easy.

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Killjoy30003840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

The latter for sure. Demon's Souls really isn't as hard as people claim it to be, it just requires patience. It's the very fact that people are pampered beyond belief in popular RPG's such as Oblivion and Mass Effect (which I freaking love don't get me wrong.)

Games of this difficulty level were the norm in the 8-bit/16-bit era. The gamers of today just weren't around to experience them. And that's not their fault, it's the just the way modern development is approached.

Jaces3840d ago

Once you get into Demon's Souls groove and understand how it works rather than think you know how it plays, you'll be better off.

People take it to be a hack n' slash and that's how they end up dying constantly. To be honest a lot of games these days pamper gamers, no wonder they complain about it being too hard. :D

Personally I loved it to death, 4 playthroughs and a Platinum and I still can't get enough. Can't wait for DS2!

Genesis53840d ago

Really DS is not that hard. Once you learn not to charge at everything swinging and use some strategy you'll be fine.

JoySticksFTW3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Great line right there...

And so true :D

EDIT: This here from the author is good too...

(And yes, I have read the message boards, the forums, and the blog posts, in which seemingly sane-sounding people say things like, "I don't know why everyone says this game is so hard. It should be harder." I wonder what such people would consider hard. Brain surgery? Conquering Afghanistan? Alchemy?)

Tony P3840d ago

There's a difference between challenging and cheap. And DS isn't cheap.

Trending towards more balanced games is natural and I'm not mad at that. But trending towards pathetically easy games is well... pathetic.

I've heard "too hard" for DA:O, Oblivion, some FFs, Personas... (I RPG lots). These games are not "too hard". I'm more than willing to believe most people just don't know how to play the goddamn game. They're these same dummies who think every battle must be won by the sword and that anything else like magic or status effects is a complete waste of time.

NegativeCreepWA3840d ago

Once I beat the flame lurker it was no problem. Sticky white stuff is your best friend for that boss, a little help from a blue phantom doesn't hurt either.

aaronisbla3840d ago

sticky white stuff is the name of an actual item, for those who haven't played Demon souls...

flamelurker was a total b!tch to beat my first time thru, and for some reason there was no one to help me out the first time.

As hard as the game is at first, some of the bosses are pushovers, especially the end world bosses. Thats the only complaint i had about the game. Still give it a 9.5 or 10

gunnerforlife3840d ago

games are sooo easy this days it almost pisses me of lol
i used 2 love playing hard games when i had time when i was younger.

choose to believe me or not but i died 70 times against nightmare on DMC1 :/ but i still loved playing it an carried on till i beat him 3 weeks later:), once i clock a games hardest difficulty setting i don't bother going back to the normal side of the game.

more developers should be incouraged to do this, i kinda envy you older gamers for having the honour of playing in the 8-bit/16-bit era:(

sikbeta3840d ago

Demos Soul IS hard and that's what make it more Awesome, you need some skills to play that game.... and it doesn't have Auto-Aim lol

badz1493840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I wuoldn't know because I haven't played the game and I'm broke!

but I agree at the point that games today are mostly easy! I don't really care for hints and everything but the regenerating health is one of the main culprit which is making games less and less challenging and defy strategies! that's one of the reason I really love R:FoM! it still regenerates but depends on column which somehow makes every moves counts! I understand the needs of progressing the story like many games today but I think challenge should at least be considered! I know I'm not going to be frustrated dying over a challenge but cheap death like an AI can shoot me while I'm jumping randomly using a basic rifle from miles away is!

my only complaint about Uncharted is the puzzles are way too easy!

cLiCK_sLiCK93840d ago

I still cant get passed the Tower knight with my magician.....

nix3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

the trick is killing all the archers first and then using the platform to throw arrows/magic straight at it's head. no point trying to bring him down slashing through his heels. i found it the hard way though. i died a lot while trying to bring him down, and suddenly found out that it could be done so easily.

and plus wiki is your best friend. you'll be spending most of your playing time reading stuffs from there.

CrippleH3840d ago

Tower knight is easy as pie. Stay behind his heel attack then back up and wait for an attack and repeat until he falls.

Sarcasm3840d ago

Actually I agree, Demon's Souls is not that hard once you understand it. It's only hard if you're used to other games where you slash slash slash and expect good results. My younger brother in law started to play the game and I was watching him play, he kept hitting the attack button mindlessly not paying attention to his stamina. Eventually he learned that you have to attack carefully.

So for those complaining Demon's Souls is too hard should stick to Cooking Mama or something.

Noctis Aftermath3840d ago

After like the first 4 hours of play i finally became accustomed to constantly blocking and dodging, by the time you defeat the iron tower giant you are pretty much set for the rest of the game.

It is indeed a hard game, but once you learn to play it is extremely enjoyable, you need to learn from your deaths/mistakes and instead of blaming it on the game saying "OMG HACKZ" ask yourself what YOU could of done to avoid the death, if your conclusion is "nothing" then chances are you not suited to play this game.

After each of my own deaths i would criticize my actions and determine what i done wrong and try to fix it, the game is almost never unfair, everything in game is able to be killed, so in answer to this article i say that most games today are to easy.

SaiyanFury3839d ago

Demon's Souls really isn't that hard. It drives you to develop a strategy when dealing with the various levels and enemies, and the key point is, it makes you THINK. There are a plethora of options to deal with enemies. If attacking enemies straight on doesn't work, maybe try sniping them from a distance they can't reach you from. The game is a throwback to the King's Field games. They were also argued by many as too hard. I've beaten the King's Field games multiple times because I know how to play them. The game doesn't hold your hand, it leaves it up to you to figure out how to deal with things. Frankly, I found it extremely refreshing.

callahan093839d ago

In my opinion the answer to both questions posed in the title is "no." I actually thought Demon's Souls was pretty easy. Once you learn the ropes, start to familiarize yourself with the maps and each enemy type, once you discover the equipment loadout that works for you, once you get your tactics down the game is not hard at all. It's very fair. It's got a tough learning curve, but that's really all if you ask me. The game starts you off with nothing and gives you no help, so it's tough in the outset, but once you've put a couple of hours in, you should have figured out how to bear the game's challenges.

And are most other games today too easy? Not for me. Most games that I play I find significantly more challenging than I found Demon's Souls. There are some pretty easy games out there (for me, Dragon Age: Origins, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, some others, and I absolutely loved those games) but a lot of games present a big challenge for me (Modern Warfare 2, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, ODST, in fact most shooter games, all gave me much more challenge than Demon's Souls ever did).

mfwahwah3839d ago


You're probably just not as good as shooters as you are action RPGs.

I suck at shooters, so I have more trouble with them then Demon's Souls, but I wouldn't personally go around making that claim since It's obvious why it's the case (for me).

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sleepyazn3840d ago

Demon's Souls isn't hard. The only reason people condemned the game is because the game requires patience and strategy. If you rush in Demon's Souls then guess what you're going to end up as a bloody splat on the ground.

menoyou3840d ago

Games are too easy. Demon's Souls requires a basic amount of intelligence. We have to dumb down everything for the mentally deficient, these days. This is the problem.

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