Faces of the Xbox 360

A collection of pictures of all the customizations the Xbox 360 console and controller can acquire.

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Diselage4238d ago

Nothing real new but a decent look at all the things out there that people can do at least.

Ru4238d ago

Missed so many great mods and also where the heck is the music?
Also to those who are thinking about modding there 360 controllers....
This is a verry tricky and precise endeavor and rarely goes as planned the first time around. Remember I warned ya!

Diselage4238d ago

I didn't even see that one Gears 360, that thing was awesome.

Eldon34238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

so you changed your pic back from that pokieman?

Edit: whoops, I meant to reply to comment #2

Covenant4238d ago

Someone with a sense of humor created a red ring on their controller's center. Same with the person who did the stoplight case mod. (Guess where the red light was positioned).

I've seen most of those case mods before, but some of the better ones are still cool. Loved the Half-Life 2 mod...very nice. Also liked the Union Jack mod. Looked good.

sadiq4238d ago

the controller stuff was just stupid crap besdies the LED mods bczu they were either skins or 3rd party controllers

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