Did Nintendo just add another button to the Wii?

Club Skill has an article on Nintendo's controller and it having ANOTHER button, not shown ever before:

This is a scan from the upcoming August issue of Nintendo Power magazine. You can see a woman holding a black Wiimote, but then you see a purple colored button on the underside of the controller.

This button on the controller has not been in any photo, at all. It wasn't even shown at E3. No mention of it has been made.

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shotty5913d ago

That button was always there. I think it's the Z button.

Smellslikepie5912d ago

Isn't that the sync button? So that you can sync your wiimote to your Wii?

Lostboy5912d ago

I don't know what it's for but i would like to know whether that's a 360 or a PS3 on the soldier's back... nyuk nyuk ;-P