Gamervision: Will 2010 Be the Last Year for the PS2?

Gamervision writes: "By all accounts, the PlayStation 2 has had a fantastic run. As of August 2009, it is the best-selling console of all time, continuing to move units years into this current generation. More than three years after the launch of the PlayStation 3, the PS2 has had plenty of new releases, which cannot be said of its former rivals, the Gamecube and Xbox. Both Nintendo's and Microsoft's last-gen systems seemingly ceased production not long after their next-gen counterparts launched, but the PS2 has continued to have strong sales. True, this was aided by a shaky PS3 launch that failed to win over a lot of previous Sony system owners, and the slim model and agreeable price certainly made the PS2 a nice choice for impulse buyers. At any rate, it's undeniable that the PlayStation 2's performance over the last nine years and counting is impressive. However, looking over the new releases planned for this year, it seems like the PS2 could be in its last days."

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dominicm4223d ago

With digital downloads becoming more and more popular I think it's safe to say yes.

mint royale4223d ago

Perhaps the fact that it'll be the ps2's tenth year too?

If Sony can keep it going they will but sales have declined so rapidly in 2009 I don't think it will be worth keeping it going into 2011. It has replacements now and that is where the focus should lie.

TheDeadMetalhead4223d ago

For a second I misread that title as PS3 and thought "Oh great; THIS article again".

But anyway, I don't see Sony dropping the PS2 anytime soon. It's still selling well, it's still making them a lot of money, and it still regularly gets awesome new games.

Maddens Raiders4223d ago

at least makes it to 2012. Then it would have been the only console to transcend two generations and made it to see the end of time. That would truly be impressive. :P

RememberThe3574223d ago

DD with be the last thing to kill the PS2. Sony has just begun really selling the thing in South America and East Asia. Both those markets are quickly growing into stable, lucrative markets for all businesses. The PS2 will be in production until Sony gets the PS3 to a price where they feel comfortable that it can take the PS2's place. At the moment the PS3 is at the price in which the PS2 launched, so we have a ways to go.

ABizzel14223d ago

I don't think any stores around here sell new PS2's anymore. I think it's time to dump the PS2 and kick into full PS3 and PSP support.

Saaking4223d ago

The PS2 shall never die!! But seriously, it's cheap to make, cheap to sell, and makes good profit. Sony has no reason to drop it anytime soon.

sikbeta4223d ago

PS2 refuse to DIE, as I said, at this point PS2 is LEGENDARY

badz1494223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

game stores in the other developing countries are still selling mostly the PS2! like in my country, PS2 remains the main selling console, although hacked (sold pre-modded), those are still considered as sold unit for sony! I can see that the PS2 will still survive this year and even the next! I was also thinking of buying another 1 but now I'm too busy with newer games!

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LadyStardust4223d ago

Seems like 2010 might be it for the PS2, though I don't know if anyone thought it would last this long.

deshon094223d ago

but i do hope so it time for it to take it place in history it has nothing else to prove

LordMarius4223d ago

It probably will, the announcement will come at E3 of it being discontinue with some sort of announcement of BC emulator or PS2 Game Downloads for the PS3

MaximusPrime4223d ago

since the fall of PS3 price and introduction of PS3 slim, more and more people are buying it. some were former PS2 owners.

will 2010 be the last year for PS2? tough call.

i reckon it will be next year or the year after. PS2 is still a fantastic console and so many fantastic games to play, all at budget price.

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The story is too old to be commented.