Tony Hawk: Play Ride and I'll Be Your Friend

Kotaku writes:Tony Hawk seemed to take matters into his own hands last night, hopping onto Twitter to get people to play his latest skateboarding game Tony Hawk's Ride.

The famed skateboarder Tweeted that he was on Xbox Live playing Ride, dropping his Gamertag ( tonyinegypt ) for those interesting in joining him. Later he said anyone who plays his game would be added to his friend's list.

I suppose you could argue that he's just enthusiastic about his peripheral-sporting game, but this is the first time I've seen Hawk take such a direct interest in the success (or failure) of one of his titles.

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NYC_Gamer3676d ago

Tony Hawk needs to realise that his games suck...

gamer223676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

All his games suck since Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 you mean!! hehe

That game was seriously in my top ten of all time, Skating around the school listening to Goldfinger 'Superman' Ahh good times they were!!

Don't get me wrong i personally don't really mind all the newer installments,

But nothing beats THPS2!! (In the Tony Hawk Series)

sikbeta3676d ago

Is not his fault guys, he's just a Hypetivision tool, sounds harsh but I'm sure behind him is kød!ck and his gimmicky whip XD

FunAndGun3676d ago

Sadly, it was his idea. Said so himself.

"I brought this idea to Activision"

I have mad respect for the man because he seems like a down to earth guy and does a lot for kids with skateboarding and all. He just needs to stop trying to make his new game something it isn't.

Pro Skater will ALWAYS be a classic and the first 3 games were great fun, but it needs to go away or back to it's roots.

spunnups3676d ago

@Gamer dood goldfinger playing while you rip off a 20000+ pts move, good memories

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deshon093676d ago

i still think tony hawk was one of the best skateboarders but this game is not worth the time or money so hell no

PirateThom3676d ago

Maybe the low turn out will spell this out for him.

3676d ago