Opinion: Zelda Steams Along by not Veering off the Tracks

Jeffrey Matulef of TheGameReviews writes: "In many ways Spirit Tracks is the least innovative Zelda title in ages. Ocarina of Time brought Zelda into 3D for the first time. Majora's Mask redefined the Zelda structure in a mess, yet fascinating experiment that has yet to be replicated. Wind Waker brought an all-new visual style, as well as a new mode of travel in the sailing. Phantom Hourglass innovated upon that with its use of DS-specific controls. Even Twilight Princess had Link switching into a wolf for half the game. All these Zelda titles marked a step forward for the series in at least some capacity. Spirit Tracks, by extension, is a step back... those tired of the Zelda formula will likely write it off as a by-the-books Nintendo sequel, but I say there's some value in it being exactly that; the game is exceptionally well designed and learns from the mistakes of its predecessors to deliver a tighter, crafted refinement on 20 years worth of Zelda goodness."

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cain1414227d ago

I wasn't a huge fan of the Zelda DS games...

shoinan4227d ago

It was good but I didn't love it for exactly the same reasons that the author loved ST. Which worries me.

mr durand pierre4226d ago

It may not be for everyone. I can understand some people not liking the train especially. It's slow, but the music was so good that I enjoyed those chill-out moments. It's basically what I wanted Wind Waker to be.

4226d ago
ceiltsei4226d ago

I still cannot get over the touch controls. Sometimes it is just nice to use a control pad.

A genius move would be making touch control optional.. but this is such a typical Nintendo move, never seeing over the fence.

PS360WII4226d ago

Well I'd have to disagree as the touch controls work so well I don't even need to think or wish for another option on controls. Though I have been gaming on the DS since it came out so I guess I know how to use the pad just like people know how to use a d-pad now....

SlamVanderhuge4226d ago

...yes but the option should be there. Even if you like it, others (like me) don't, and I'd be more open to playing Spirit Tracks if the controls weren't restricted.

Nice piece, Jeff, though I'm still iffy about the latest Zelda. I see why you like it, though

PS360WII4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

That's like asking to have the option to use the face buttons instead of the second analog stick. I don't see the purpose.