Take-Two Sale Within 12 Months?

Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey believes that Take-Two's recently appointed management could be grooming the firm for sale within the next year, as he effectively upgraded shares to a "buy" rating. Could Viacom or Electronic Arts be potential suitors?

With Take-Two focusing on its core competencies and stripping away non-core businesses, Hickey thinks the New York-based publisher would become more suited for acquisition by larger firms.

"A narrow portfolio of strong franchises, owned IP, and world renowned development team notorious for owned IP creation, could be an exceedingly powerful asset for a competitive 3rd party developer like Electronic Arts or a large multi-media company like Viacom," he said in an investor note.

A sale of Take-Two could happen within 12 months, according to Hickey.

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Dlacy13g4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Do you think Microsoft would make a play for them? I can't see Sony doing it given their current situation financially speaking. EA could be the front runner...God help us if they do.

BrotherSic4238d ago

Well to be honest there are not many companies that could afford to buy them;


anyone else?

Dlacy13g4238d ago

I thought about UBI, but honestly I dont think they would. After all its been rumored for sometime that EA might buy up UBI so I just dont think they have the cash resources to pull it off.

Maybe an Activision or Midway? Those both seem to be doing rather well....and with Midways re-newed vigor to make more mature games...Take-Two could be a perfect addition.

Eclipticus4238d ago

I think with the success of GTA brand and MS need to expand out, beyond hardcore gamers, they would probably seriously consider this. Too have RARE, Lionhead & Take2?
Perhaps this is why there was no listing for PS3 dlc for GTA4?? Take 2's attempt to attract MS?

BlackCountryBob4238d ago

It would certainly make good sense for either Sony or Microsoft to buy them if only because of the power of the GTA franchise, I don't care what platform you have and how much it costs but if you can stand and say that categorically the next GTA game will be exclusive to your format you have practically guaranteed 10 million console sales over the generation, it worked for the PS2 so there is no reason to think it wouldn't work again and at a point where the number of exclusive games is diminishing this would be big big news.

TruthHurts4238d ago

"I can't see Sony doing it given their current situation financially speaking"

why not?
and what this situation you speak of?

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Firewire4238d ago

Could this possibly be the last GTA we see?

As for suitors, I think both Sony & MS will stay away from T2.
I think EA is the best bet (which is why i say this might be the last GTA, would you buy another if its made by EA?)

Covenant4238d ago

MS could buy them, if they wanted. Major asset for them against Nintendo and Sony. I can see some positives and some negatives from that kind of acquisition.

But an EA purchase of Take-Two = FULL THROTTLE DISASTER.

tplarkin74238d ago

MS should only buy T2 if they secure GTA4 exclusivity. Otherwise, I T2 isn't worth it.

Eclipticus4238d ago

gta4 exclusivity? that i would think is next to impossible. time/money/spent on ps3 version. a few months away from release? Perhaps timed exclusive at the last minute? and Downloaded Content? at best. but it definatly would mean the last of gta on a sony console.