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GrE says, "When I heard that Shattered Memories was a re-imagining of the original Silent Hill, I had certain expectations in mind. I assumed that the plot would be the same, or samey, and the characters would be who they were in the original. In short, I was waiting to relive the first experience I had with Silent Hill, and protagonist Harry Mason. Shattered memories took my optimistic predictions, and just tossed them out the window – along with any assumptions I might have had about the game mechanics."

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bgrundman4230d ago

I am glad that there is a sudden push for mature content on the Wii, but is a remake really necessary?

harrypmgaga4230d ago

It's not a remake necessarily, there's a lot of differences in this game. Notably the psychiatry sessions in between each "level", and the open worldy-ness of it.

bgrundman4230d ago

I will be interested to see how this sells when the NPD numbers hit. My guess is not well at all.

roblef4230d ago

Seems like folks either love this or hate it.

roblef4230d ago

This game is looking pretty good. Great review, too.

dgroundwater4229d ago

The review says the are problems shaking off your enemies. Anyone who knows how the Wii works should have next to no problems in these segments. Smaller motions are always best. A quick and short jerk to the side will work 9/10 times. It's totally fine the way it is.

WiFi Pirate4230d ago

I like a game that asks you questions and will later actually USE the answers to some degree. Still interested in playing this one.

starven4230d ago

I might actually have to look at this.