Restrictive Gameplay: Where's the Realism?

The video game industry seems to constantly be striving to inject more realism into games. It is hard to read about upcoming games for more than five minutes before eying some claim of vast improvements in this area. It appears that the focus, however, is primarily on the visual and aural recreation of what is "real." Conceptually, realism and authenticity are all too often cast in a secondary light, playing second fiddle to the moneymakers - eye and ear candy.

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Armyless4731d ago

Where are the games that push the boundaries of hyper-realism? I don't want games that MIMIC reality. I want games that push the boundaries of EVERYTHING we think and know.

MK_Red4731d ago

There is realism in games like Forza and Gran Turismo but I prefer the arcade feel of Burnout. Also, while not being able to jump in some games or going over short fences in Call of Duty is unrealisitc, the more freedom player has, the more unrealistic things need to get.