Demon's Souls Greatest Hits (The Best) Coming in Japan Soon

After almost a year of being released in Japan, Demon's Souls will finally be hitting the Best status, aka Greatest Hits in North America, for the price of ¥3,800 in late February...

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Blackmoses4221d ago

need to get this game. heard so much about it

xabmol4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

I love this game so much and hate it too. lol It is very difficult, but for all the right reasons. <3

Just need that damn pure bladestone for my platinum. >.<

On Topic:

Great to hear it's selling well. Sequel now please? You scurvy!! Give me sparkly! Give me TWINKLY!! Give me Demon's Souls 2!! xD

Daver4221d ago


Its totally worth it! one of the best games ive played in years

mastiffchild4221d ago

What it NEEDS is an EU/UK release! My French mates are DESPERATE for a proper version and a lot of gamers I know here in Blighty would pick it up if it wasn't for the messing about importing it. I've been ripped off twice trying to buy the bloody game already(though a nice member here is offering me one of his copies to purchase safely if and when I fimnally get my cash back off Pay pal-so that's good)because of stupid Playasia stopping shipping to the UK and having to run the risk of Ebay!

One day I'll get to play the game, one day.

DaTruth4221d ago

How did you get a Dark shield? I can only get 2 cloudstone chunks a game and one from farming thousands of Rays.

I have yet to get one platinum since Uncharted 1! Stopped one trophy short in InFamous. Guess I just don't have the endurance!

Keowrath4221d ago

Hey Mastiff, I've been waiting to play the game for ages, sounds just like my cup of tea. Like you, I hail from the UK. I do wonder how well the game would sell over here, we're all into FPS, driving and football games apparantly.

I folded in the end, I doubt we will see a UK version so I imported, just waiting for the damn thing to turn up I can't wait!

bageara4221d ago

I got my Platinum for this last week!

Mastiff. i imported from here

only took a week. no import taxes

Blaster_Master4221d ago

No, the only thing this game is missing is voice chat and invites for the online. We are getting X game chat soon so I guess that doesn't matter. It would be cool to beable to invite though. My personal goty and Im playing it right now.

DaTruth4221d ago

I just started my Black Tendency playthrough now on newgame++.

DarkTower8054221d ago

I'm borrowing my brothers copy at the moment and playing this game in between my MW2 sessions. It is hard, but soooo rewarding at the same time. The bosses are epic creations and something you won't soon forget like most run of the mill games. When this comes out as a Greatest Hit I will definately be picking up my own copy. At the Greatest Hit price I feel like I'm almost stealing it, it's that good.

Then you have an awesome developer in Atlus that is showing good community support and a dedication to excellence. I wish them all the best sales worldwide because they deserve it.

zeeshan4220d ago

Why aren't the releasing it in UK/Pal regions? Our brothers down there need to play this fantastic game!

DaTruth4220d ago

Just got my @$$ handed to me 5 times by Black Phantom Scirvir! ARGH!!!

ButterToast4220d ago

I am so quoting this in the future. XD

mfwahwah4220d ago


Those aren't your only options for importing lol. No wonder you got ripped off.

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dorron4221d ago

What the hell are they doing? Release it in Europe !!! I'll be buying it as soon as they release it here.

xabmol4221d ago

Just buy the US version online. It's worth the effort, trust me!

monkey nuts4221d ago

TAKE A LOOK AT WWW.GAMEBASEMENT.COM. ITS A US/UK BASED IMPORTER, GOOD PRICES. PLUS TO GET AROUND TAXES IN SOME CASES THEY SHIP US › UK STORE › UK store › YOU. Sorry for the caps, but I felt the comment needed it......If you use them let me know what you think.

dorron4221d ago

yeah, I'll be doing it if it isn't coming to EU, but I would like spanish language in the game.

DarkTower8054221d ago

Dorron, I agree with you, but Atlus is known for small releases. As a smaller developer they tend to be more cautious. It's hard to find a copy here at stores in the US as it is. However, they have underestimated the HUGE success this game has become.

Chubear4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Gosh, bringing out a game like this with a lower than normal gaming budget for EU can be tough. With so many languages and cultures in EU it's a nightmare for developers at times. Remember, they didn't initially plan to bring it out to NA. It was supposed to be JPN only.

However, I'm thinking I can see them bringing out DS to EU, with DLC stuff that JPN & NA buy, included in the package as a "sorry we're late but here, have this."

mfwahwah4220d ago

I don't see a EU release. It's been a year since the game came out and they're still saying NO.

Atlus won't release in EU and SONY doesn't seem interested (they have enough on their plat as is).

Just going to have to accept the hard truth, I think.

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BiluMaster K's4221d ago

I imported the Chinese version..and about 60 hours in- my PS3 YLOD'd. I then proceeded to buy the US version (US servers have more players availible during US 'waking' hours= nice) and started over again. Chances are I'll sell the old DS upon its return, or maybe dabble with my wanderer. it is this EPIC


First of all get black world tendency at the shrine of storms.Then simply use the 4-3 archstone and farm the rays where Storm King was.They have the best drop rate and black tendency makes it even better.
My problem is pure bladestone.Has anyone ever farmed it from the black phantom katana-skeleton on 4-2?
I don't get it =(

Aceluffy4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

That's the only stone in the whole Demon's Souls world that's very hard to get, forget farming that stone, you'd be very lucky if you can get 1 or 2.
The developer needs to fix this kinda thing in their next game, beside the targeting thingy.
I mean, you can only get Pure Bladestone from only 1 kind of enemy (Black Skeleton) and most of the time it drops shards or chunks.
I practically jumped in joy after 7 hours of killing that skeleton then it finally drops that dreaded Pure Bladestone.
On topic, I guess it's gonna take a while for Demon's Souls to be greatest hits in NA. Support this game, gamer ! We need more games like this !

bageara4221d ago

I farmed the pure bladestone but not from the Black phantom Skeleton it was from the normal black skeleton through the hidden passage way after the first reeper where you find the white bow in 4-2. it took me 4 hours!

Horrifying4221d ago

Just sneak up on the black phantom dual katana skeleton from the old hero arch and use soulsucker, evacuate and repeat. With ring of avarice/silver bracelets you'll get 71000 souls everytime. If you decide to kill the gold skele phantoms too it'll make it an even 100k D: Took me about 10 hours over 2 days but it'll eventually drop.

bageara4221d ago

when that Pure Bladestone finally drops eh?

sleepyazn4221d ago

i got the pure bladestone from the skeleton from the hidden passage as well. You could farm souls and bladestones at the same in 4-2. If you can't seem to do enough damage to the skeleton use Flame Toss or go close and use Ignite to attack it's weak points and do massive damage!

bageara4221d ago

if you farm the Black Phantom skeleton to use soulsucker

if you farm the normal black skeleton at the hidden passage way use Firestorm

Ive heard storys of people not needing to farm for the Pure Bladestone they got it straight away and Nightmare storys of people farming for days and days getting nothing

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happy_gilmore4221d ago

here's my top 5 this year

1. Demon's Souls - best rpg i've played in a while
2. Uncharted 2 - the game is perfect.
3. Killzone 2 - best FPS, only complaint is no matchmaking and framerate in MP could have been smoother
4. Batman: AA - surprisingly good, combat was fun even though it's a bit shallow. and the backtracking was too much
5. R&C: ACIT - it's really good, best in the series

bottom 5 flops
-1. failo warz - can't find my stats
-2. flopza 3 - overrated. graphics aren't that good
-3. failo odlc - overpriced DLC
-4. dragon age - boring combat, boring dialogue. graphics are fugly
-5. mw2 - glitchfest. respawn is flawed. too many time that i was killed by a guy i have just killed because he respawn behind me.

note: i've have played all the games above and that's my unbiased opinion.

mcnablejr4221d ago

UNBIASED. dont make me laugh , open your eyes.

xbox3flopteen4221d ago

played these games, since he has called failo....FAILO, so yes, and flopza..i wouldnt be concerned in defend such game since gran turismo 5 is the way of us driving sim lover, the game is flop, halo...failo osdt is just a w/e-armed-hands rip off, and what his had listed there as flop is just a so on true that cant be denied, but i may disagree about dragon age!!!but it is ur opinion.

PopEmUp4220d ago

the thing is, you and him are alike lol

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